Ludacris Opens up About His ‘Break Baby’ and Baby Mama Troubles

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Ludacris is still enjoying his life as a newlywed, and to make things even more sweet, the rapper’s wife Eudoxie is currently pregnant with the couple’s first child. However, Ludacris reportedly knocked up a former high school friend before making things official with Eudoxie.

Luda’s camp claimed he knocked up Tamika Fuller while he was on a break from Eudoxie, but many are still skeptical about the timeline.

Regardless, in a new interview with the Breakfast Club, he somewhat breaks his silence on all the drama.

On the “break baby,” Luda says:

“No matter what you don’t really like, I feel like the world is going to force you to deal with…I love how people hear all these different things and some of them are true — don’t get it twisted — however, a lot of them are untrue…People are judging me based off a lot of trues that are not true…I absolutely love it. Because I know the truth. God knows the truth.”

When asked if all the court drama over the child’s custody has hurt his relationship with Eudoxie, Luda says:

“Absolutely not. Because we know the truth…Myself. My wife and God. We all know the truth….It’s almost entertaining.”

Ludacris says despite all the drama, his daughter with Tamika is a blessing:

“I’m not perfect….Everything that I’m going through is perfect for me. It’s made me a better person. It’s made me a better man….A blessing came out of it. I can’t talk specifics because anything I say can be used against me in a court of law…There’s still current litigation.”

Check out the interview below:

In related news, you can catch Ludacris in “Fast & Furious 7.” The movie hits theaters April 3. Check out the trailer below:


  1. So getting another woman pregnant is what it took for him to become a better man? That’s laughable.

  2. Why do people always start off with I’m not perfect when they talk about the selfish and f-cked up choices they made?

  3. Media training 101 somebody coached him well for these questions. His answers were very Dwyane Wade-esque smh trying to make it seem like they aren’t low down douche bags but they really are.

  4. Some women will accept anything for a ring. Even if they couldn’t get it before a side baby came into the picture. Higher standards are needed.

  5. Well every baby is a blessing but he was wrong for what he did. It’s like some men think because some are willing to sleep with them, they should do it even if they are in a relationship. Being famous and rich doesn’t mean you don’t have to be faithful.

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