Erica Mena Pens Farewell to LHHNY Fans + VH1 is Confused by Yandy’s Actions

Photo Credit: VH1
Photo Credit: VH1

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

“Love and Hip Hop New York” just wrapped up  its fifth season, and with the reunion airing next week, Erica Mena has made it clear that she is officially walking away from the reality show.

Erica is in a different place now with a wedding to plan with Bow Wow, and she’s thinking it’s just time for her to move on from the hit series.

She penned a goodbye letter to fans on her Instagram page. She writes:

Four years ago became #MenaMonday  I let the world in and it’s been a crazy ride since. I’ve always been open about who I am & my relationships just because I know my story was meant to be told. I’ve made many mistakes and I get judge harshly. Thank God I’m as tough and bold as I am because the truth is many are like me.

I have fan base that now has become my family! I can’t thank you all enough for following & riding this ride. You are all appreciated. Learning from my mistakes and loving me no matter what rumors are made up.

Oh and YES I’m Sorry I know I’ve forced you all to like certain people just because I decided to date them I know it won’t be the same after tonight’s show but I do know that no matter what I’m always going to be Open and Real with you all. This chapter has ended but the real deal is the journey has just begun.

Tonight is indeed my last show. Good luck to everyone. Wish you all the best. Always #MenaMondays AKA The Only Reason You All Watch #LHHNY #BreadWinner


In more LHHNY news, it appears some of the staff over at VH1 is a little bit confused by Yandy Smith’s choice to take Mendeecees’ last name before the actual wedding.

VH1 writes:

Yandy Smith is known for being the smart, sensible, and mature cast member of Love & Hip Hop, but this week she had us scratching our heads in confusion. At her baby shower, Yandy signed the paperwork to change her last name to Harris in a commitment ceremony with her fiance, Mendeecees.

Now that her last name is Harris…No, Yandy is not becoming a member of T.I.’s Hustle Gang. We understand that Yandy wants to have the same last name as her unborn baby girl, but she makes it very clear that this is a commitment ceremony is not a wedding. So it’s a name changing ceremony? Like Yandy’s friends, we weren’t exactly sure what to make of this situation.


While some are a little confused about Yandy’s actions on the season finale, the network as a whole is still sold on the couple because Mendeecees announced hours ago that they got their own spin-off:

mendeecees instagram

Congrats to Mendeecees and Yandy.


  1. Erica is so full of herself. To be honest she wasn’t even interesting this season. She was just there. The only reason I watch is for Yandy and Mandeecees. Bye bye now.

  2. I don’t think I will miss Erica. She hasn’t really brought much to the show in the last two seasons. I will watch Yandy’s new show though.

      1. Thank you. I just had one of those slow laughs that make you double over…. the one that deep from your diaphragm.

  3. The commitment ceremony was just weird. It just seemed like something she decided to do for the show because she wasn’t thinking about her last time when she was pregnant with their son. But I get it. She needed something to film.

  4. I guess Erica plans to live off Bow Wow’s money now. She is really acting like she just won the lottery. You know the first thing winners do is quit their jobs. LOL.

  5. At the end of the day Erica is still a bum b-tch. Yandy is truly pathetic with this commitment ceremony BS. Lady please just cause you taking his last name changes nothing y’all still ain’t married she just trying to jazz up they situation to make it seem better than what it is. Bottom line she is a baby mama they are shacking up like most people and this commitment ceremony is to try to make her feel better about their situation. That’s why everybody was looking at her so stupid when she came up with this dumb a-s ceremony.

  6. Idk who gased Erica head up but she’s the reason I STOPPED watching the show. She’s very unlikable.

  7. Erica is boring though. Chrissy was the whole show and no one could ever fill her shoes. The same thing would happen if Joseline left the ATL one.

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