Chris Brown Tries to Woo Karrueche Back?

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Karrueche Tran told Iyanla Vanzant that although her rocky romance with Chris Brown has been very on and off for years, this time she plans to stick to her guns and move on with her life.

Many weren’t buying Karrueche’s claims on seriously being done with Chris this time around, but Chris may be a little bit worried he lost her for good.

Chris posted the following to Instagram hours ago before deleting it (screenshot obtained by Don’t Shoot Tha Messynger):

chris brown instagram


  1. Best thing he could ever do for himself is to co-parent, and learn to love himself, by being by himself. But sure enough she’s gonna start feeling some sort a way with these manipulative-a-s texts, and go running back. *sigh*

  2. I knew this was the next phase for these two. All their breakups and makeups have the same process –

    1. Chris does something really stupid.
    2. Everyone laughs at Karrueche for staying with him despite the really stupid thing he did.
    3. Karrueche grows balls and leaves him.
    4. He unfollows her on IG and Twitter.
    5. He gets messy on IG and shades her.
    6. She pays him dust and goes on her I’m single again tour.
    7. He says he misses her on IG
    8. They are spotted together smiling a week later.

  3. He knows how to get her back. Sadly it doesn’t take much. Just a couple of I’m lonely IG posts like he hasn’t been out here sleeping with randoms without condoms. Whatever.

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