Demetria McKinney Responds to Firing Rumors

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Demetria McKinney was originally supposed to be the newbie holding the peach on “Real Housewives of Atlanta” in season 7, but producers later decided Claudia Jordan was the better fit.

But the latest rumors suggest Demetria was such a flop with viewers that she was fired and not even invited to the reunion.

However, she wants people to not be so quick to believe the rumors.

Demetria tells Hello Beautiful:

“There have been rumors circulating that I was fired from RHOA and “banned” from the reunion set. This is completely untrue. Let me ‘Keep it 100.’ I was not ‘banned’ from the reunion set nor was I fired from the show. I am under contract for this season just like the rest of the cast. Fortunately, because of the platform the show has provided for me, my music career has escalated and that will always come first. In addition to continuing to support ‘RHOA,’ I am currently busy with my live performances as well as preparing for the upcoming Funkfest Tour that I have been added to with R. Kelly, SWV and Erykah Badu. Thank you to all the ‘RHOA’ fans out there who continue support ‘100’ and my new single ‘Trade It All’ and don’t forget to check out the video with cameos from my girls Claudia and Cynthia.”


  1. Sooooo, was that supposed to clear sh-t up or no? Cuz she still wasn’t invited to the reunion though!

    Demetria is not reality tv material. She needs to hope her little pilot with Vivica gets picked up, and go back to doing sitcoms. RHOA needs people with personalities, and she has none.

  2. So she’s saying her music career is going so great she was too busy for the reunion? Cause that’s so believable. LOL.

  3. She really should have never been casted in the first place. She seems like a cool person, but she’s not cut out for this.

  4. She brought nothing to the show. But neither did Claudia so they should have at least invited her to the reunion.

  5. Sounds like she’s in denial. Girl you weren’t invited because you didn’t bring it. It happens. Now call Tyler Perry and see if he can hook up with another show.

  6. Lady please you were a bore after the Roger Bob situation she was basically a filler for different scenes seen and not heard. Keep it 100 like you say just say it didn’t work and keep it moving. I did see she just shot a sitcom pilot with Essence Atkins and Vivica so maybe that will work out for her.

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