Watch: Kenya and Phaedra Put It All on the Table

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Fans of “Real Housewives of Atlanta” are used to Kenya Moore and Phaedra Parks throwing low blows and nasty verbal jabs at one another, and with both taking their feuds to highest levels in the last two seasons, some may be shocked that both may be ready to squash it.

In a preview of tonight’s episode, Kenya and Phaedra finally agree to sit down and put everything on the table.

And Phaedra reveals that she’s ready to move forward and end the feud.

Will both be able to apologize and move forward? Watch the clip below:


  1. I totally forgot they were working on a friendship when Kenya first got on the show… Yea I think Phaedra is correct when she says a lot of the things she had said/done stem from a place of hate… She failed to mention that the hate she felt for Kenya stemmed from the lies her husband Apollo were spewing… But I hope they at least become cool agin, if not friends.

    My hope for at least one of these reality black casts would be a reflection of sisterhood & being united…

  2. After all the sh-t that Kenya has said a year after that taped, I hope Phaedra is primed for that a-s at the reunion.

  3. Womp, womp. The only person I want Kenya to make up with is Nene. If they ever teamed up it would be epic. I don’t care about Fakedra.

  4. I’m sure the producers pushed Phaedra to do this. This whole season has been about trying to make Kenya look good. I’m over it.

  5. I don’t see this really happening. Both have said and done way too much for them to ever be cordial.

  6. I’m really curious to see if Kenya owns up to her part. Yes Apollo lied but Kenya and other people always forget that it was Kenya who was openly flirting with a married man. Being very disrespectful saying things like someone’s husband likes it. Talking about how fine Apollo was how quickly she and her delusional fans forget about that.

    1. Well I got my answer after watching tonight’s episode Kenya still refused to take any responsibility for her actions smh I should have known better always the victim smh.

  7. This was for me, the best moment of this season. It was good to see two adult women actually sit down and maturely discuss their problems and come up with a solution to forgive and move forward. I wish NeNe could be adult enough to realize she is not perfect and being able to own what you do and apologize sincerely to those she has offended not only would make her a true boss but a phenomenal woman. As long as she is getting paid top dollar to play this character on TV though we will never see it. So sad.

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