Ludacris’ Baby Mama Tells Her Side of the Story

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

While Ludacris has been busy promoting his latest film, “Furious 7,” his baby mama Tamika Fuller is preparing to face off with him again in court over the custody of their daughter.

As we reported recently, Luda was awarded full custody of the child in a Georgia court, but Tamika has filed for a repeal.

Now she is breaking her silence, and telling her side to the story.

In an exclusive essay on Madame Noire, she writes:

When I found out that I was pregnant two years ago, I immediately told Chris. The world knows him as an internationally famous Hip-Hop artist and actor (Ludacris), but despite the hurtful things said about me, that’s not why I was attracted to him. We had been good friends for many years, and when he told me he was newly single in spring 2013 we became intimate. Things took an ugly turn, however, when I found myself unexpectedly throwing up in his bathroom, and ultimately learning that I was pregnant.

The psychological manipulation began immediately. He broke down in tears when I told him that I wanted to keep our baby, and he begged me to abort the child whose heartbeat was developing in rhythm with my own. He told me that it would destroy his career and his image. I contemplated heavily on terminating my pregnancy. I don’t believe in forced parenthood or trapping anyone into raising an unwanted child. However, when I visited the clinic and heard my daughter’s heartbeat on the ultrasound, I knew I couldn’t go through with it.

He promised me the world – trips on his private jet and other perks of the rich and famous – if I would just have the abortion. He made me feel as if I was ruining us. It was as if he believed that our friendship should take precedence over the life growing inside of me and when he realized that it didn’t, it couldn’t, my real nightmare began.


Tamika explains what happened with her first child:

 Let’s be clear: I never left my eldest daughter. I got pregnant with her when I was a senior in high school. She was raised by my family for a few years, as is the case in many families who pull together in times of need. In many African-American homes, there is still very much a village mentality when it comes to rearing children. The support system and love my child received is immeasurable. Still, I was placed in the position of having to defend myself when I have been a present, involved, and loving mother for more than a decade. My oldest daughter and I are in a great place, but Chris and his attorneys made it seem as if I dropped her off on someone’s doorstep and never worried about her again.

And it worked. His strategy to malign me in order to gain custody of our child, which was only done to avoid having to report his finances and pay me adequate child support (like he does for all his other children), was malicious and cruel. But it worked. They didn’t focus on my life with my daughter and the round-the-clock care I provided for her. They didn’t focus on the breastfeeding (which had to end because the stress of this situation severely affected my milk supply). They didn’t focus on the love. Instead, they dredged up and manipulated the facts of my past to make me look like a degenerate. The irony here is that he suggested that my older daughter was psychologically damaged because of my absence, but here he is, trying to make me absent in the life of our daughter.


Tamika also claims she has no issue with Luda’s new wife, Eudoxie:

Many people in comment sections and blogs have attempted to paint me as a jealous villain intent on destroying his relationship with his new wife, which could not be further from the truth. I am genuinely happy for them. But surely his wife understands that I want the opportunity to parent my daughter every day as she will get to do with hers.

In a perfect world, we could co-parent amicably. This is not the path that I would have chosen, but I am not giving up my daughter without a fight. Infants should not be taken from their birth mothers when they are fit and able to provide for them. I may not be able to supply my daughter with private jets and other high-end luxuries, but she will have everything that she needs.


Tamika goes on to make some very interesting points. She brings up the fact that fathers who challenge custody in court usually win over mothers because they are rare. She also claims Luda told her he would get even with her if she didn’t abort the child and he ignores her phone calls.

If things aren’t bad enough for Tamika, she also reveals battling Luda in court has brought on a six figure debt, and she feels male celebrities are using their power and money to punish the mothers of their children.

What are your thoughts?


    1. I believe her. It’s not like this hasn’t become a trend with rich and famous black men who hate their exes and baby mamas.

  1. I feel bad for her but this is a risk women have to think about now when they get with the famous men. And marrying them doesn’t protect you either. Look at Tameka Raymond.

  2. This is a bad look for Luda. How will he explain this? I mean besides the tried and true “only God can judge me and my family knows the truth” rhetoric?

  3. He’s a piece of sh-t but am I supposed to act like I don’t know a publicist wrote this sh-t?

  4. Sad situation. No one forced him to have sex with this woman without protection. He can’t punish her for what he willingly did.

  5. They need to cut all this out and do what’s right for the child…coparent! I’m so tired of parents taking their issues out on one another by hurting their kids. It’s not right.

  6. I’m not saying it’s right but money talks and these courts aren’t any different. The good thing is she can still win in the court of public opinion and make people think twice about supporting him.

  7. Bish please. You started this when you got greedy and asked for more child support. Why do you need $7,000 a month?

        1. This is problematic thinking because it strips away accountability from men. Men are very much just as responsible for their bodies and actions as women are. Men should treat women better because it’s the right thing to do. The faulty belief that teaches women that we alone are to blame for how men disrespect us is utter BS and as a woman, you should know better.

          1. Thank you. I’m so tired of women being blamed for everything. And it’s sad that most of the time it’s other women who speak that anti-woman rhetoric. Luda has some fault in all of this too. Why couldn’t they just co-parent? Why side with a man when he took a baby from her mother when he’s the same one who cried for an abortion? Read through the lines.

          2. But men are hoes naturally though. A woman has to have standards to protect herself.

    1. Agreed! Go get a damn job and stop sitting on your a-s waiting for the check. Luda is a dog for this, but she’s playing in the court of public opinion for sympathy. The two of them made this baby not just him.

      1. I see where you’re coming from but the courts did say she had a job. The determinining factor was she only made 900.00 a month and her expenses trippled that! So based on her finances the judge determined luda to be a better parent who could afford to give the child a better quality of life just based on finances.

    2. But child support is determined by how much income the father makes! Based on ludas income he should have been paying between 15-20,000 a month. That’s child support! Luda. Did this out of pure spite! He was punishing her for keeping this baby. Luda is the one who didn’t want to report his finances and claimed he was having money issues, but we know that was lie b/c he was spending over 5 racks at strip clubs and in private jets. :/

      1. Thank you! Child support is based on income. If men with regular jobs have to pay according to their income why shouldn’t rich millionaires pay that as well. Just because you have more money doesn’t mean you should get a break. Yea it probably is a lot of money but that’s his income and maybe if things were fair like they are suppose to be these men wouldn’t be sleeping around so casually.

  8. I actually believe majority of what she is saying. Getting pregnant by rich men ain’t what it use to be more and more you are seeing children taken away from these moms and given to the father. Just because someone has more money doesn’t mean they are automatically the better parent.

  9. Luda aint shyt for this here. I kinda believe what she is saying though. How you gonna say one child was affected by the mother not being around and take another child from the mother?? He contradicted himself with that one. Hoping for the best for that baby because she is the priority, not Luda nor Tamika.

  10. I’m a sucker for a well written/spoken interview; I really felt this. I hope things work out in the kid’s best interest. I have nothing bad to say about her or Luda because famous or not, this type of isht happens everyday…

  11. Ludacris is scum regardless of how this plays out. However I have no sympathy whatsoever. While Ludacris has $$$ Tamika couldn’t dispute the claims about her being a horrible mother…such as she left her first daughter with her family and moved out of state for years. When her family filed for guardianship they claimed they hadn’t heard from her or seen her in 3 years. She hasn’t had a stable home since her new daughter was born. When her lawyers put her oldest child on the stand & asked about their relationship she broke down so bad that the defense chose not to cross examine her. She lied in many of the documents she provided to the judge about herself (her lawyer even admitted that Fuller can be a liar in court) & couldn’t prove any of the accusations she made about him (which doesn’t really mean she was lying though). Her own relatives even got on the stand & called her a bad mother in the past. They said she was working on it, but how is that going to help her case at the moment? Now I know better than to put all my eggs in one basket, so just like I opted not to take her side completely over this letter I won’t take his based on this information about the custody case. It might not all be true but she couldn’t prove any of it wasnt.It might not matter what she does during this appeal this early. Ludacris’ money can’t stretch far enough to fabricate a custody case that was filed by her own family…sorry for the novel, but neither one deserves full sympathy or support at this point. I do honestly hope they can coparent eventually though.

    1. FYI I didn’t mean to type so matter of fact about the case. It’s possible it’s just a rumor, but I’ve seen this particular information posted from more than one site. Just thought I’d share it with the UB readers. I normally just lurk on here honestly lol

  12. I totally believe her because I went thru something similar, only my child remains with me and my ex a’int have enough money to corrupt a judge! She was better off appealing this judge’s decision because now unless she can prove something drastic has happened, changing custody will be difficult. My ex took me thru the same thing constantly requesting custody just to get out of paying child support, but his a$$ failed miserably. That type of legal fight is not cheap and I can only imagine how much her legal bill is. Them Fulton county judges are known for being corrupt and mostly all of them have been under some type of investigation during their time on the bench for corruption. In a perfect world, they would’ve been able to co-parent but when you deal with b*tch a$$ niggas like Luda who are vindictive, sociopathic, and nasty, you can’t co-parent peacefully because it’s always something. But the great thing is that child won’t be a baby always and she’ll grow up and learn the truth and Luda has to answer the questions of why he did what he did. SMDH

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