Ludacris’ Baby Mama Shoots Herself in the Foot?

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

The other day Ludacris’ baby mama Tamika Fuller wrote an essay about their court drama that went viral on multiple blogs, but now a new report claims the move may have cost her another trial.

As we reported recently, Ludacris was granted full custody of their daughter, and Tamika repealed and explained why in a lengthy essay. However, she violated a court order when she also sent some sites photos of her and their daughter.

Sandra Rose writes:

In her motion for a new trial, West told the judge that Ludacris’s lawyer, Tanya Mitchell-Graham, was in cahoots with a certain Atlanta blogger who published positive publicity for him.

West said Tamika has never done interviews or sought monetary compensation for herself by selling stories or photos to the media.

But in an “open letter” for Madame Noire blog, which was published yesterday, Fuller appeared in new photos with Cai in a park.

Luda’s attorney, John Mayoue (who was also Usher’s lawyer), showed the judge the Madam Noire article which clearly shows she violated the court order prohibiting her from circulating photos of 2-year-old Cai Bella Bridges to the media.

…Several minutes later, Judge Downs looked up and asked the attorneys if they had any other evidence to present to the court.

Attorneys on both sides said they had nothing more to present.

And with that, the judge ended the hearing with the words “MOTION DENIED!”


    1. I agree sis. I’m really disappointed in her. She had a chance and she blew it. All she can do now is try to get another attorney and try to repeal again but what do I know?

  1. See she’s going to have to decide how bad she wants her kid because you can’t be stupid when you’re trying to beat someone who has power and money. They have top notch lawyers and it’s already hard enough to beat them. Why make it easy unless you’re extremely stupid.

  2. I have no sympathy either. I told y’all this woman isn’t the brightest. But y’all were trying to cape for her anyway. smh

    1. I don’t think anyone was caping for her. We were just stating the obvious like we always do when famous men take advantage of the court system.

  3. You have to have your stuff together to even stand a chance of having a fair case. She’s making it way too easy for Luda.

  4. I totally took “shot herself in the foot” literally!!!!

    Too bad this happened, she will have to work harder to get come custody of her kid back…. It is very odd that the judge gave her infant child to the father… There has to be more to this story….

  5. There is so much more to this story. Please check out the court transcripts in which Luda was awarded primary custody. The fact that she abandoned her first child, played keep away with child unless certain terms were met, she has had several evictions and was not just living above her means but balling outside her means. I feel for her because as a mom, I can’t imaging not having primary custody of my child. As a parent, both women and men need to think outside themselves and think of what’s best for the child. I refuse to believe that Luda went straight for her throat. I feel that a compromise could’ve been made prior to this. The open letter with the updated picture was in poor judgement. At this point, I would have been trying to work on my family including getting to a better place with my daughter and developing a better relationship with her father than trying to still paint a picture of the broken women who’s lost.

  6. Wait, so she still had pending motions for a new trial and sent pics to the blogs? How dumb. Everyone knows when you have pending litigation to keep your mouth shut until it’s done and for damn sure don’t violate any existing orders! I’ve had a case before Judge Downs before, and she does’t like a lot of foolishness. Tossed my ex’s BS out with the quickness. Tameka gotta do better.

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