NeNe Leakes is Over the RHOA Producers & Claudia Jordan

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

The other day we told you sources in Atlanta are claiming NeNe Leakes is at odds with some of the producers because she was told Claudia was brought on the show to attack her and months ago it was even rumored that one producer was let go for some intense behind the scenes drama regarding Nene and Claudia.

Interestingly enough, NeNe even told fans on Twitter recently that she doesn’t plan to come back unless additional producers are let go.

She tweets (read from bottom to top):

nene twitter

From the looks of the upcoming episode preivew, we’re thinking NeNe wants Claudia gone as well. Check out the clip below:


  1. Methinks she’s beefing with Carlos King. And I think all of them met with Claudia the other day to keep plotting on Nene. Not for a spinoff for Claudia.

    1. Don’t worry. Claudia will get under Kenya’s skin next season. You can count on it. She’s loyal to nobody but herself. Ask Omarosa.

        1. Smarter how so???? She has no kids, no husband, her resume is definitely not better. So how is she smarter????

    1. No who else would y’all obsess over and d-ck ride? She’s the most talked about person on the show. Especially from people who swear they can’t stand her.

  2. Claudia needs her a-s whooped one good time. She’s acting so damn tough on this show but was quiet as a mouse when Tamar got into that a-s on Tiny’s show. B-tch you ain’t bout that life. Biggot b-tch.

    1. Nene, what goes around, comes around; and you may not like what comes your way. You seem to think that you are so much better than your cast mates. Yes, none of your cast mates are perfect, but, YOU stand out from the rest. You could have it all Sweethaeart, but your attitude is blocking most of your blessings. All I’m saying is just humble yourself just a little, and watch how your future endeavors explode beyond your beliefs.

  3. I agree with Nene the producers clearly have their favorite. Claudia ain’t had a story line all season ain’t did a damn thing to deserve a peach or even a spin off. At this point no matter what money they offer Nene she needs to walk away it’s not even worth it anymore. It’s time to let RHOA sink they think the show can survive w/out Nene. Let the no storyline sisters be the stars and see how the show does. Regardless I’m not watching next season y’all can keep updated on here but this is my last season and I mean that this time around.

    1. I think I may be done after the reunion too. I really don’t like Claudia and I don’t think it’s fair that she’s being rewarded when she has said despicable things about black men and black women.

  4. I’m over all of them too. Producers shouldn’t take sides and it’s shady they hired Claudia to go after Nene. All they’re doing is showing everyone she’s still the queen. I hope Kenya is paying attention because if she ever becomes the star, they will do her the same way.

  5. The Kenya stans should be glad that Nene is putting all the shenanigans on front. At this rate, Clawfoot is gonna get in one season everything that Kenya has lied, stole and slept her way to getting. Three seasons later, she no closer to be being the HBIC, meanwhile Clawfoot and her cat may get a spinoff. I swear, Kenya stay losing!!!

  6. Oh please Nene acts just like the ghetto a– stripper that she is, yes
    she’s getting her coin, but because she is getting it doesn’t mean she has any class or sophistication. Nene has always been a trouble maker and a hater. When she first started the show she was the most ratchet. She hated on kim,sheree’,kenya, Cynthia and now Claudia. Nene is not the Boss she wants to BE!!!. So in saying all of that bye Felicia. Let somebody else shine. That bum can’t stand to see anyone else get anything.

    1. Whether you hate on Nene or not, the truth of the matter is she is watchable. The producers know it and that is why she has lasted so long and is now the highest paid housewife. And Cynthia, Claudia and Kenya can only shine if they actually have a storyline or at least entertaining personalities. But instead what we get are three women who are reduced to creating fake boyfriends, going after someone else’s husband, pretending to produce a TV series, or simply stirring up trouble with others in order to justify their continued presence on the series.

  7. Nene honestly has NOTHING going on outside of RHOA, so she ain’t going anywhere. That broadway show has already ended and now what?

    Claudia does at least host a radio show. It’s a stable job, while Nene has nothing stable going on.

    1. Nene has just signed on to headline a show alongside Kim Zolciak with the same self same network who’ll pay her good money to return for the next season of RHOA. All Claudia has outside of RHOA is that radio show and she’s not even all that great on that. Porscha is actually more entertaining, which would explain why Claudia does her best to do her down every chance that she gets. I’m not a great fan of any of these women but it makes no sense to me that Nene is singled out to be the problem when Kenya, Cynthia and Claudia have been breaking their necks to cause trouble, mainly because they have nothing else to bring to the table. It also makes no sense to claim that Nene has nothing but RHOA going on when, so far, she is only one to have secured a role in a network show, been a recurring character in yet another network show and had her name up in lights on Broadway. Even if nothing else happened for her she has already done much better than any of the others.

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