Memphitz Isn’t Accepting Defeat

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

It was confirmed by Atlanta media outlets the other day that Memphitz lost his defamation lawsuit against K Michelle, Mona Scott Young and Viacom (VH1), and while her supporters feel Memphitz, Toya, Tamar and Rasheeda owe the singer an apology, it looks like Toya isn’t the only one being stubborn.

If you’ve been following Memphitz on Instagram, then you should already know he doesn’t plan to let it go just yet.

In fact, he hinted that he feels the judge was paid off:

memphitz instagram

Memphitz also confirmed to his followers that he plans to appeal the decision.


  1. This fool is crazy. Why are you appealing when you’re the one who admitted in court that you told her you would kill her son and spent up her budget on jewelry for yourself? This bum confirmed everything K has been saying but wants to act big and bad on IG like the court documents ain’t out here? Whatever.

  2. Typical abusive display…. U admitted to the abuse “do do bird”

    K deserves an apology-she’s not going to get it tho…. Her behavior has turned people off and they just act like they didn’t like her for behavior….

    K needs to learn to move in silence.

  3. What in the world? He has really lost his mind. He can’t be mad at anyone when he walked up in court and admitted to everything. How long does he want to keep this going when he’s guilty? He’s going to end up broke from court costs and lawyer fees for something he actually did.

  4. Now there should be no doubt this man is an abusive lunatic. I wonder what he has done to Toya behind closed doors.

  5. Like a true psychopath he refuses to accept that his lies have caught up with him and it’s over. He’s desperate just like Apollo he grasping for anything right now.

  6. This should be a lesson to all women. It doesn’t matter how fine a man is, if you see any signs of him being crazy you need to move on. I bet Toya wishes she never married him now.

  7. He’s digging himself into a deeper hole. He can’t afford to keep this going on. He couldn’t even afford Toya’s engagement ring.

  8. Chile he’s completely lost it. K needs to get a gag order and restraining order on this fool. He still out her lying like people are stupid.

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