Janet Hubert Isn’t Done with Kenya Moore Yet

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Months ago Kenya Moore revealed she’s been developing a sitcom entitled “Life Twirls On,” but sources claim the project didn’t go through without a few issues, and apparently she had a fallout with one of the actors.

“Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” star Janet Hubert claims she worked on the project and wasn’t paid, and she even claimed the show won’t get a premiere date because her lawyers shut it down.

Kenya then told fans on Instagram that the show is still moving forward, and Janet is back to slamming Kenya on Facebook after she posted this to her account:

kenya instagramkenya instagram 2

janet hubert strikes again


    1. Well if the show was just for a storyline, I’m guessing she doesn’t have the funds to pay her. Maybe if she would have been honest while she was putting together auditions, this could have been prevented because Janet wouldn’t have wasted her time. Bravo at least needs to pay these people if Kenya can’t.

    1. You peeped that too? But to hear that liar tell it, she’s doing big things with that production company. Pffft! She better hope SAG doesn’t blacklist her trifling behind!

  1. I can’t with Kenya Moore! She can come for Nene all day, but you never hear Nene’s name wrapped up in mess like this. Kenya is a fraud and a thief…pure and simple!!!

  2. This wouldn’t be happening if she wasn’t always lying. And the fact that her production company has been dissolved speaks volumes.

    1. Exactly. She can quiet her if she just writes the check. I guess she’s still out here broke and pretending.

  3. I love it. Now I need someone to come on out and expose Fraudia Jordan too besides her self hate issues.

    1. Claudia has been exposed plenty of times though. It just doesn’t seem to get brought up on the show. But seeing as she’s up Carlos’ a-s, it makes sense. Now that he’s out, she’ll lose that protection.

  4. Bhahahahahaha damn somebody needs to check Kenya’s edges because Janet drags her and snatches those edges every chance she gets. Bravo pay this woman to save Kenya from all her lies.

  5. This is what happens when you constantly lie just to have a storyline. Kenya is so desperate to stay on RHOA that she is burning real bridges with her lies. How many more people in the industry is she going to fall out with? She wanted a comeback but it’s not going to happen because who wants to work with her now?

  6. If there is really a cease and desist letter, then why hasn’t she sued Kenya yet? What’s stopping her from actually suing? I’m sorry but I don’t trust Janet. Her reputation in the business has been bad for years.

  7. She still hasn’t paid this lady but has the nerve to keep going on and on about Nene not giving the charity that money? Oh the freaking irony.

  8. The problem is Kenya thinks she’s so much smarter than everyone else but her simple a-s is only making this worse by not responding. She needs to say something.

    1. But she does respond with subliminals like telling her fans the show is still coming and posting this poster. She knew it would set Janet off. She just doesn’t have the balls to be direct. She’ll just be shady.

  9. Kenya still hasn’t handled this yet? Her whole life is a mess. If she stopped thinking about NeNe she could get her career in order.

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