New RHOA Tea + Andy Cohen Sets the Record Straight on the Reunion

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

We told you weeks ago it’s been rumored some RHOA producers were given the pink slip for some behind the scenes drama involving NeNe Leakes and Claudia Jordan and NeNe even made it clear on Twitter that she’s hoping more producers will get the boot.

Interestingly enough, ATL blogger Straight from the A claims head honcho producer Carlos King is leaving the hit reality show but hasn’t announced it just yet:

You may have heard by now that Carlos King, the man behind the drama on BravoTV’s ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’ has decided to leave the popular show to focus on his production partnership with Todd Tucker (and if you haven’t heard… now you know.)

While King hasn’t “officially” announced his RHOA departure, the executive producer did happen to spill the tea that Auntie Viv will be joining his TVOne reality show.


In related news, Andy Cohen recently set the record straight on some reunion rumors, and he claims NeNe didn’t walk off the set after Dr. Jeff came out.

He says:

“There was no storm off, but something very dramatic happened when Dr. Jeff came out.

“The interesting thing is that it was really dramatic but they were listening to each other — they got in plenty of fights and there was a lot of drama — but to me they did the most listening and taking things in that they’ve done at any Atlanta reunion.”

Check out the video below:


    1. I think he was doing good at first with bringing Kenya on. But he dropped the ball when he signed up Claudia to be the number one Nene attack dog. It’s too much. Nene apologized and Claudia is still at it. It’s so exhausting.

  1. I knew Kenya’s b-tcha-s was lying on IG acting like she made Nene leave. the stage. B-tch, even Apollo had your a-s together like a f-cking church mouse at the reunion. FOH!!!#.

  2. Yeah he needed to go. He’s unprofessional and had too many favorites. He also acts like he’s determined to take down Nene. Seems personal.

  3. So I didn’t know Carlos had anything to do with Hollywood Divas and I didn’t know he was cool with Todd. Now it’s all so clear. Nene wasn’t lying then about producers playing favorites and being messy.

  4. I don’t think Carlos was fired. He seems like the type to leave when he feels like there’s something better for him. He has that show with Todd now and he still has L&HHA. He’s good regardless.

  5. I think this season has been terrible. The ratings are picking up somewhat but I think people are tired of the high school cattiness. These women are too old to be so childish. The sad thing is Carlos encourages it.

  6. Good riddance I can’t stand him and I’m not watching Hollywood Divas because of him everything he touches turns to sh-t.

  7. I hope this is true. I never liked Carlos and was not feeling it when they said a LHHATL producer was coming to RHOA. The show needs balance, and it’s beyond tired for them to keep trying to pay people to gang up on Nene.

  8. I hope his meeting with Claudia was about him putting her on his TV One show. Get her the hell off RHOA please.

  9. You Kenya haters are so fake. If Carlos kissed NeNe’s azz like Andy does you would love him. Not everyone thinks NeNe is sunshine anymore. She’s a brat and needed to be checked. Thank goodness Claudia isn’t backing down.

    1. Claudia is doing what she was told and paid to do. But in real life when Tamar came for her, she was as quiet as a mouse. She’s not hard. LOL.

      1. She definitely is not hard. I was thinking about how Omarosa had her running and shaking down the BET Red Carpet. When the mother of Omarosa clobbered her. Also she got her head tagged at Drakes Party a couple of years ago. When her ex’s girlfriend actually Hit her upside her head. She did nothing. TMZ carried the story with her saying she was going to sue. Later it was revealed that she was still sleeping with her ex husband while he was with the girlfriend. I have said from the beginning that Carlos sought Claudia because of who and what she was. People not in Hollywood know how Messy and Vindictive she is. So of course Carlos knew. He wanted a more Explosive Ratchet LHH type show and that is not the way the show started. When Kenya came the show started to go down hill. I also think the intention was for Claudia to get involved with Kordell but the viewing Audience did not except that kind of Ratchet behavior so it was quash after the Bar opening scene. He should take Claudia, Cynthia, Kenya, and Peter with him.

  10. Carlos is full of himself. He tweeted something not too long ago about someone saying he’s a great story teller. He’s proud of how manufactured the show has gotten.

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