Blac Chyna Joins in on Social Media’s Clowning of Kylie Jenner

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

If you’ve been on social media for the last 24 hours, then you already know folks have been going in on Kylie Jenner and her obsession with over-drawing her lips for her Instagram snaps and outings with rumored 25-year-old boyfriend Tyga.

Kylie’s addiction to lip liner has somewhat become her signature look, but it’s also become an ongoing joke on Instagram and Twitter.

In fact, folks are participating in a challenge and trying their hardest to imitate and mock Kylie’s exaggerated pout.

But now Chyna is joining in too:

blac chyna instagram

blac chyna instagram 2


  1. I understand Chyna is hurt by everything but Kylie is still just a 17 year old. Chyna needs to stop this.

    1. F-ck that. That THOT thinks she’s a grown woman, well she can take this dragging like a grown a-s woman. Her slutty a-s is out here going after taken men like she’s grown. She better sit down and take this damn L like a G.

      1. I second that. Kylie gets no sympathy for me. Any other time she thinks she’s grown, so yeah she needs to suck it up and get used to all the shade she’s getting from Chyna. I find all of it hilarious because she’s wearing all this makeup so she can look like Chyna. She’s bothered by her.

    2. NO NO NO! You just proved what I just wrote she has shaded Chyna so many times child or not she walks around acting and dressing like an adult in a relationship with a 25 year old man she can take some shade.

    3. Girl Kylie is related to Kim Kardashian. She better get used to being dragged now because it will only get harder the older she gets. Everyone in that family gets dragged. They are annoying attention whore trash. And it’s not like she’s some good young lady anyway. She’s Kim’s understudy.

    4. People are tired of these idiots. No she doesn’t get a pass because of her age. She wants to be an adult, well welcome to adulthood.

  2. Bhahahaha I have no problem with Chyna clowning that little thot in training. She has shaded Chyna so many times it’s ridiculous. She acts and dresses like an adult she can take it. Now watch tomorrow the headlines will be Chyna making fun of a child, teenager or little 17 year old Kylie. The same 17 year old that dresses like a tramp and is dating a 25 year old then they going to want to label her a child just watch.

  3. Also Kylie shades Chyna on a really messed up level. One time she posted a picture of her snuggling with King because she knew it would hurt Chyna. She’s evil.

  4. Nope. Don’t ask me to feel sorry for Kylie. I won’t ever feel sorry for any of them. They do some of the most trifling things to black people all in the name of staying relevant. They are heartless fame whores. So I say shade the hell out of her Chyna. Get those white tears flowing.

  5. I’m starting to think Chyna is still sleeping with Tyga and Kylie knows it so she’s trying her hardest to compete with her.

  6. I don’t know if we can call Kylie Kim’s understudy just yet. She’s not as clever. Kim doesn’t downgrade. She started off with Ray J (Z list) and ended up with Kanye (A list). Kylie started off with A List (Jaden Smith, son of Will freaking Smith) and ended up with Tyga (Z- list). She definitely downgraded and now she’s forced to compete with a former stripper on Instagram. Just saying.

  7. I can’t with people trying to defend Kylie. She ain’t no damn child. Her fast a-s needs to be dragged.

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