Blac Chyna Isn’t Done with Kylie Jenner Yet

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Blac Chyna and Kylie Jenner have been at odds ever since 17-year-old Kylie started allegedly dating 25-year-old Tyga, and social media has been their favorite place to duke it out.

Last night Chyna decided to hop in on the Kylie Lip Challenge, and she mocked Kylie’s obsession with trying to make her lips look fuller, much to the laughter of her followers.

And now Chyna is daring Kylie’s siblings to jump in like Khloe did when Amber commented on Kylie (read from bottom to top):

blac chyna twitter 2

blac chyna twitter

And there’s more:
kylie instagram

blac chyna instagram


  1. Chyna basically confirmed she’s still f-cking Tyga. Now it makes sense. Bruce Jenner’s twin is pressed because she knows her pedo boo is still hitting Chyna’s cakes.

    1. I thought I was the only one who caught that. That’s why Kylie keeps messing with her face and trying to poke out her invisible booty on IG. She damn near breaks her hips trying to look like she has a fatty. It’s tragic. She wants to look like Chyna so bad. *giggles*

      1. Cosign what you said about Kylie. Even though she has Tyga, she’s still jealous of Chyna. She knows Chyna looks way better than her.

    2. That’s pathetic ! how you still letting him smash when he has your son spending time with the new girlfriend Kylie!!

  2. The Kartrashians must have did something to Chyna recently because she is coming out guns blazing. This whole time she barely said anything and now she ain’t playing no games. I’m not stupid something triggered her to react like this and I want to know what it is.

  3. LOL. She should know by now how the Kardashians play. They won’t respond to her but they will be running to TMZ to do their dirty work. So in a few hours there will be a story up there about how unfit Chyna is as a mother and how Tyga is contemplating filing for primary custody. They’ll do her like they did Amber.

    1. Bingo. That’s exactly what they will do. And when they start, I hope she starts spilling all their tea. She’s seen some stuff and I’m sure she can back up what people have been saying about that family for years. They use people and discard them like trash when they have used them up. Tyga is dumb if he thinks Kylie won’t be upgrading soon to some other corny rapper.

  4. Chyna is pissed and I think it’s because of those Easter pictures. That skank was with her child and her child’s father like she’s the wife/stepmother. And it was a holiday. She’s fed up. Kylie is trying to play house with her child and she ain’t even legal yet.I’d be feeling some kind of way too.

    1. You think that’s what did it? Interesting. Well whatever it is, I’m sure Kylie deserves all she’s getting. Her mother raised her to not have morals, and this is the consequence. She will burn a lot of bridges like her big sister.

  5. Kylie is always showing off the tacky jewelry he buys her. Meanwhile he’s getting served with lawsuits at events.

  6. I think this has been building up for a long time and Chyna just reached her breaking point. There’s no telling what Kylie has said or done to her behind closed doors.

  7. Both of these chicks are essentially the same pathetic person. They don’t feel beautiful until they get some plastic surgery and draw their faces on in the morning.

  8. Chyna is killing Kylie but you can tell both of them are bothered by each other. At some point, Chyna is just going to have to realize losing Tyga was the best thing to ever happen with her. I saw on MTO Tyga ditched his grandmother’s birthday party just to be in Kylie’s a-s. He clearly has some self hate issues and thinks anybody white is more important than his own family. I wouldn’t want to marry a man like that. Let Kylie have him.

  9. This is petty drama. She has gone from being the wife to battling a 17 year old on social media over a lame. Thats embarrassing. The big a-s, naked photos and stripper persona didnt keep your husband so what exactly is permanent. Let the stupid sh-t go and move on.

  10. Chyna is a beautiful woman. But just like Kylie, she has some self esteem issues. Tyga ain’t worth any of this so I hope it’s not over him. If something happened with her son, I can get the anger. But Tyga ain’t no prize. Jamie Foxx just said Tyga tried to hit on his young daughter. He’s sick and gross.

  11. I don’t see how y’all like Chyna. She’s a bird who has just as many fake body parts as the Kardashians. Don’t let your hate (which is justified) for that family cloud your judgment. All of them are trash.

  12. Fact: Blac Chyna was the it girl with the amazing body that was Nikki Minajs body double ….. She was getting a lot of hype about her looks and body in the rap community.
    So Yes she was studied by Non Black women who wanted to date rappers… She was copied by the Kardashians Kim included. They went to the surgeon and started molding body parts after black chyna…
    Silly Blac Chyna is the one who gave the attention seekers the manual.. She gave the the tools to copy her… and Yes they used her and discarded her and even took her rapper baby daddy with them…
    She is shocked???? It was so painfully obvious she was getting used and studied and she thought she was the bomb and was so proud to have a white friend… It was so corny on her part… LOL Did she even get a invite to the wedding? so Sad….
    The problem with a lot of black people are they are taught that white people are better than them so they are oblivious to how they are getting used. Chyna like Lala were all too happy to have the Kardashians as friends…. LAMES and they all get used studied ….. and then discarded…

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