Chris Brown Having Some Problems with Baby Mama & Her Boyfriend

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Chris Brown is enjoying his new role as a father, but it hasn’t been a smooth transition considering the child had a father prior to him.

With Chris’ baby mama Nia not knowing Chris was the father initially and another man signing the birth certificate, it’s become a pretty messy situation.

TMZ writes:

Sources connected to Brown tell us, he found out recently the “father” on baby Royalty’s birth certificate is listed as Brazil Riesling, aka King Ba.

TMZ broke the story, 8 months after Royalty was born, DNA tests revealed Chris was the papa.

He’s trying to establish a relationship with his daughter — even trying to get baby mama Nia Guzman
to move to L.A. — but his efforts have been thwarted by Ba, who still considers himself the dad. Ba, who is still with Nia, has been taunting Chris with pics of himself and the baby.


Chris and his lawyers are prepared to take the issue to court.


  1. So her boyfriend stayed with her after she lied to him about being the father and possibly cheated on him with Chris? He’s mad at the wrong person.

  2. I don’t like Chris and honestly I don’t think I’d spit on him if he were on fire but if that girl is his daughter the boyfriend needs to stay in his place! And if he wants to be angry with someone then be angry with the trifling a-s whore he chose to give the girlfriend label to! She’s the one that whored around on you. Not Chris!!

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