Meek Mill Calls out Donald Trump + President Obama Calls out the Hypocritical Media Amid Baltimore Riots

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

The city of Baltimore has been in the news plenty thanks to the media’s questionable coverage of the riots which are a result of the cop induced killing of Freddie Gray, and as always, the white media outlets are labeling those involved as “thugs” and pretty much demonstrating many of the racial inequalities of the nation.

Donald Trump is known for being a racially insensitive idiot, so it’s no surprise he actually blamed President Obama for the Baltimore Riots, and not the real cause, police brutality.

donald trump twitter


Meek Mill wasn’t having it though. So he clapped back in a few tweets (read from bottom to top):

meek mill twitter 2meek mill twitter

In related news, President Obama called out the hypocrisy of the media. He pointed at many media outlets didn’t cover the peaceful protests for Freddie Gray, but once the riots started, they all couldn’t wait to cover the negativity:

“Frankly it didn’t get that much attention. One burning building will be looped on television over and over and over again. The thousands of demonstrators who did it the right way, I think, have been lost in the discussion.”


  1. Ok. Meek just got a few cool points. I can’t stand Donald Trump. He really thinks he’s so smart because he was born into some money and managed to do well in real estate. He needs to stop tweeting all together.

  2. Donald Trump can suck an ashy d-ck. He has the most to say about Obama, but his old a-s doesn’t like to talk about how he’s ripping so many people off with his fraud a-s real estate investment courses. F-ck him and his whole family. They sleep well at night knowing they are ripping innocent people off.

  3. I was with Meek until he said we don’t need to be out here looting. Sometimes violence and looting is necessary to bring attention to a situation.

    1. I think he was really trying to say that we shouldn’t tear down our own neighborhoods in the process of protesting/rioting.

  4. And Kenya had the audacity to kiss this man’s butt on Apprentice and call him and his spawn the First Family.

    1. But that’s who she aspires to be. She’s the same one who said she wanted a light-skinned baby! Self hate can be a b-tch!

      1. Wait, did you actually read the comment or did you just came galloping in cuz someone mentioned Kenya?

  5. I have to say props to Meek Mill cuz once again I’ve yet to hear any black celebrities besides Jussie Smollet come out and speak on both the good and bad happening in Baltimore. And our Presentation speaks the truth. I watched all the news channels playing the burning buildings last night on a loop, with nary a peep about the earlier peaceful protests.

  6. Meek Mill a man from the hood speaking with more sense than the rich white well educated billionaire who can’t even articulate his thoughts without being a racist. Stay woke America!

  7. I just gained a newfound respect for Meek. I’m really going to miss Obama when this last term is over.

    1. I’ll miss him too. But lord do I want that man to get away from those vultures in Congress. He needs to sleep for a week, eat some soul food, and buy some hair dye, cuz those vampires made him skinny and turned his hair white. I’ll honestly be glad when he leaves office and gets his life back.

  8. Meek actually made valid points. I’m surprised. Anyway, I love how Obama delivers his shade. It’s always so flawless.

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