Kenya Moore Being Hypocritical?

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Last season on “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” ratings skyrocketed when the group had a major blowup at NeNe Leakes’ pillow talk, and things got even more controversial when NeNe called Kenya’s gay bestie Brandon DeShazer a queen.

Kenya was extremely upset with NeNe because she felt the remark was disrespectful to the gay community, and Brandon even called out NeNe on Twitter.

Even Andy Cohen made it clear he wasn’t happy with the remark, however, Kenya is now under fire for something similar too.

Kenya got upset with Andy because she felt he was being shady towards her during her recent appearance on “Watch What Happens Live,” especially when he told her he believed she was wearing too much weave after Kenya revealed her ponytail contained some extensions.

Due to Andy’s shady behavior, Kenya has been calling him “Mandy” on Twitter:

kenya twitterkenya twitter 2

The tweets did manage to anger some:

kenya twitter 3

Does this make Kenya a hypocrite or are the situations completely different?


    1. So calling Andy Mandy after she was going on about NeNe being wrong because not all gay men are effeminate, doesn’t seem hypocritical to you? LOL.

    2. So I guess this means y’all won’t be calling Kenya homophobic like y’all did Nene. But we already knew that though.

  1. It goes to show you Kenya wasn’t really mad about the whole Queen thing. Once again she used the weak minded viewers to do her dirty work. By the way, this isn’t the first questionable and homophobic thing she’s said. She also told Phaedra to get an Aids test because Apollo went to prison. And she accused Walter of being gay for not wanting to be with her. No outrage for that though, of course.

    1. I knew she was just trying to one up Nene from jump. She doesn’t give a sh-t about the gays. It’s sad she uses people and real causes to make Nene look bad.

  2. The queen outrage was stupid as f-ck to me because Brandon really is a queen. And so is Andy. If anything, this is just more proof that the outrage was some fake bullsh-t. Kenya never gave a f-ck about it. She uses what she can to stick it to Nene. She’ll use the gays, innocent kids, dead dogs, whoever it takes to get even with Nene.

    1. This! I recall a few seasons ago when Marlo told Sheree in Africa that all she do is hang with a bunch of “F-ggots.” When Miss Lawrence called her out on it in front of Sheree didn’t he say gays “prefer” the word “Queen” so Kenya calling Nene out on that was just tired.

  3. Cause we all know calling a male by a female moniker would never be shading his sexuality! *rolls eyes so hard they stick in the back of my neck*

  4. I blame her fans. They sit on their soapboxes when it’s convenient, and get mad about everything the other ladies do. But the minute Kenya does something foul, they laugh and brush it off. I remember all the excuses they made when she said she wanted to have a baby with a white man so her baby would have light eyes. They thought that was hilarious as well.

    1. I think most of us knew Kenya wears pieces often. Only her diehard stans believe otherwise, and for some reason they need to believe she doesn’t wear weave because I think it makes her more likable to them.

  5. Oh please yes there is a difference. Andy doesn’t mind it, and Brandon does because he’s not effeminate. Nene basically said every gay man is a queen/effeminate and that’s ignorant to believe. Y’all try so hard though.

    1. Girl, I don’t even know how you manage to write this crap with a straight face. I know you sit at your keyboard and cry as you type this drivel!

  6. I’m still trying to figure why this woman gets so much attention from the blogs. I’m so tired of seeing her name.

    1. And yet everyone’s still getting one upped by the thirst of the Kenya minions. By the way, for the record, we like Nene, we don’t stan for her. Noone here has ever been afraid to call her out when she’s wrong…..she’s just been usually right most if the time! Bloop!!!

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