NeNe Leakes Defends Not Donating to Charity

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

NeNe Leakes challenged Kenya Moore to donate $20,000 to a charity and claimed she would match it, but NeNe has yet to write the check.

During her recent appearance on “Watch What Happens Live,” NeNe defends taking her sweet time donating the funds to the Detroit Public Schools Foundation.

She says:

“If you feel the need to donate, dig in your own pockets and donate. I write checks all day. I will write a check when I’m ready. She took her sweet time and I will take mine.”


NeNe also tore into Andy for repeatedly asking her about it too. Check out the video below:


  1. It’s sad how Andy just sits there and lets Nene talk to him any kind of way. Now if Kenya did it, he’d fire her.

    1. Kenya shades Andy on Twitter all the time and trust me he sees it. She doesn’t do it in person though because she’s always been a coward.

    2. Oh stop it with the victim card. Kenya should have been fired a long time ago for violating her contract with that Walter situation. But she wasn’t. So stop acting like she’s not protected.

      1. Yeah she was supposed to be fired after that because it stated in the old contracts that you have to have a man. They changed them though after that season and Carlos f-cked the show up ever since.

        1. Everything you said….per usual! *I hope you see what I did there* 🙂

          OT: Is UB going to spill the tea on the Wendell, hubby and Nene’s showdown at the Women’s Expo in Atlanta? I heard Nene went on stage before Wendell and her hubby had a conniption backstage…..loudly!!!!

          1. Girl I believe what Nene said on WWHL. Wendy’s husband has always been an angry and controlling person. Nene has not been afraid to clap back at Wendy for her low blows, and I’m sure he’s mad about it and tried to start something. Even Wendy’s staff hates him.

          2. I agree! Folks are already going in on Nene saying she’s to blame, but all the tea I’m getting is saying it’s the husband, or Wendy or Nene!

      1. What power does Nene really have though? Yes, the producers were fired but it’s not like she’s out here picking the cast herself.

  2. Kenya got her charity money from Apprentice though. And it took her over a year to get it. So Nene can take her sweet time as well.

  3. UB how are the ratings for the reunion? Can we get a post on that please? I’m curious.

    1. The first part was down by a few hundred thousand. I think the days of RHOA having 4 plus million eyeballs are long gone.

  4. She’s only mad because people are calling her out for being a hypocrite. She only made the bet because she didn’t think Kenya had the money. She needs to pay up.

  5. But Kenya took her sweet little time to get her coins together before giving the check smh. So now just because Kenya decided a year later to donate now she trying to pressure Nene no ma’am. Why is nobody asking Kenya why it took her tail so long to donate the money? The bet was right then and there or maybe a couple weeks later not a year later. I wish Nene would just say Kenya took her time giving the check why can’t I.

  6. She can keep trying to shade Kenya’s pockets all she wants but Kenya been paid that money. Nene is all talk. She’s so rich but taking two years to pay $20,000 to a charity? *giggles*

    1. Boo it took Kenya over a year to get the funds and she had to use the $20,000 appearance fee she got from Celebrity Apprentice. Let’s not.

      1. Girl money is money ok *giggles*. Anyway, Kenya never proclaimed to be a rich bish. That was your girl. So she needs to walk the walk and shut it up.

        1. That rich b-tch waited an entire year for Kenya to get her tip money together. Now Kenya can shut the hell up, and sit her a-s all the way down! It’s her turn to wait!

          1. But y’all were hounding her about the money before she donated. Why can’t people do the same to Nene?

  7. I’m so tired of hearing about this charity. The sooner people learn they can’t make Nene do anything, the better off they will be.

  8. She’s never going to give away that money. And it’s all to spite Kenya.

  9. I think Nene will end up giving them the check. But she’s making it a point to be slow with it because Kenya was slow to write hers. I just think it’s funny how Nene haters weren’t pressing Kenya like this the whole year it took her to donate. That’s how I know they don’t really care about the charity itself. They just need something else to ride Nene about.

  10. This must be UB staff fav show. I am so over hearing about this grown woman and their pettiness. They are all lucky that NENE established her enough to the point where she have something to lose. First season she would have knocked Kenya behind out. Bloop!

  11. Nene should have been fired a long time ago. She’s poisonous to the show. That’s why she can’t keep friends. She’s a terrible person.

  12. Thanks UB for deleting those comments. I don’t like Nene either but I’m not comfortable with some of the language fans are using for some of the housewives. It makes me want to stop watching.

    1. It’s made a lot of people stop watching. The ratings weren’t that good this season. Now we all have our favorites and people we don’t care for, but some people take it too far. I missed a lot of episodes because a lot of Kenya’s stans have rubbed me the wrong way.

      1. You let stans keep your from watching a show you enjoy? That’s weak Queen. Just saying.

        1. You’re entitled to your opinion, but I wasn’t trying support a show that has grown people acting like they’re in high school. Not only are the housewives being childish, but so are a lot of the stans. But I also checked out for a while because I didn’t want to support Claudia by watching.

          1. I feel you about Claudia though. She should have been disciplined for those racist tweets. But not all Kenya stans are the same. Some of us can disagree and debate without being ignorant.

  13. I know she was shooed away, but for the remaining Kenya stans (Nene’s haters), please give me a list of Kenya’s accomplishments since y’all enjoy downplaying Nene’s so much. And if Nene is fading, what is Kenya doing? Thanks in advance.

    1. You’ll never get a real answer. But they stay hype about her coming soon for five years projects while they discredit the legit ones Nene has.

  14. I’d care if people were pressing Kenya this much about her check but no one cared then. They only care now because this is Nene. She remains the HBIC tho.

  15. The fact that some of you are supporting her stupid/selfish decision is ridiculous. Its charity and the money is for the kids not Kenya. Detroit is broke think about how much money inner city schools receive; they could certainly benefit. Unfortunately, her ego is so big she doesn’t see the big picture.

    1. Please get off the soapbox for a second. The point we’re making is Kenya took over a year to donate to the charity and it’s her hometown. Where was the outrage then? I don’t recall you calling her out about that on here either. So why is Nene not given the same courtesy? Y’all pick and choose who to get mad at all the time and it’s wack. None of the women on the show are innocent and all have done dirt. And as a Nene fan I’ll admit neither one of them had pure intentions about donating anyway. Nene challenged Kenya to write the check so people would think she’s broke (and it worked), and Kenya obliged a year later to stick it to Nene (and it’s working, ie. you on here complaining right now). So if you’re not going to call out both for using a charity for messed up reasons, miss me with the soapbox standing.

      1. This story is in regards to Nene’s refusal to honor her promise of charity. Shame on Kenya if she didn’t live up to her word immediately, but as of today she made the payment & didnt tell her audience why she ain’t gon do it.
        I dont stan for either of them. They all get equal treatment & side eyes from me, which is why I can say the reason behind Nene’s decision not to donate is ridiculous. I don’t care if the idea came from an inauthentic place…people donate for a tax writeoff all the time. I’m saying if you said you’d do it, cut the bs and do it bc the kids can use it.
        Y’all really take your teams seriously.

        1. So no outrage for Kenya taking over a year to write her check? That’s what I thought. Carry on.

          1. Y’all were going in on Kenya and calling her broke the whole time before she wrote that check. So y’all can take the backlash Nene is getting.

          2. O ok you either have a comprehension problem or you are just choosing to be confrontational. Regardless, carry that somewhere else.

          3. Comprehension problems? Confrontational? But you’re the only one mad. Egypt, I didn’t come at you sideways. No personal insults, just my different opinion. Yet, you’re on here trying to insult me. Toughen up chick and learn how to debate on here like the rest of us.

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