Chris Brown Catches a Break + Hints at Possible Reconciliation with Karrueche Tran

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Chris Brown celebrated his 26th birthday yesterday, but some figured it would be hard for him to celebrate considering he was allegedly being investigated for an assault that reportedly took place in Vegas.

Some reports even claimed singer Jeremih was the person Chris allegedly assaulted, but now sources claim the victim has decided not to move forward with the police.

Page Six writes:

Authorities are dropping the Las Vegas battery case against singer Chris Brown.

Las Vegas police said Tuesday that the man who claimed the star had punched him during a weekend basketball game is withdrawing his complaint.

Interestingly enough, 50 Cent claimed on Instagram that Jeremih will fight anybody on the court:

Jeremih will fight anybody over a basketball game. He was gonna fight Floyd one night at the 24 hour fitness.


In related news, Chris Brown wrote a lengthy message on Instagram thanking fans for the birthday wishes, but his slight mention of Karrueche Tran has some thinking they could be reconciling soon.

Chris is now following Karrueche on Instagram too.


  1. That n-gga ain’t catch no break…..his lawyer paid that fool not to press charges – pure and simple.

    And I knew that simpleton would get back with him! As soon as the shine wore off and folks weren’t calling her phone no more, she’d go running back. They deserve each other.

  2. I’m starting to think they never broke up in the first place and only pretended it was over to promote Karrueche. And it worked because she’s going to be on some new TV show.

  3. Y’all just now figuring out that “breakup” was a stunt? Y’all getting soft. Lol.

  4. Well he mentioned her in the caption like he’s going to be popping bottles with her on her birthday. I guess we will see them together again by the end of the month.

  5. So no1 is gonna mention how Chris can’t even spell #TaurusSeason and he’s a damn Taurus??? Smh lol

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