Karrueche Tran Responds to the Rumors

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Chris Brown mentioned Karrueche Tran in his lengthy Facebook post regarding his recent birthday, and he’s back to following her on his social media accounts.

So it’s understandable why folks suspect the former couple will be back on in no time.

However, Karrueche wants to make it clear she hasn’t rekindled the romance with the R&B singer just yet.

Gossip Cop writes:

Karrueche Tran responded to claims that she and Chris Brown have reunited in a vague but pointed tweet on Friday morning. The model-turned-actress wrote, “A rumor is simply just that.. a rumor.” In fact, Gossip Cop is exclusively told Tran isn’t even on speaking terms with Brown.

…As Gossip Cop reported, Tran broke up with Brown in March, right after finding out he had fathered Royalty. “Listen. One can only take so much. The best of luck to Chris and his family. No baby drama for me,” she posted the morning after the bombshell news broke. She went on to do an interview with OWN’s Iyanla Vanzant, in which she admitted she “still” loved him and didn’t “doubt” that he loved her, but said there was “no making up right now.”

And despite Brown’s reported efforts, that is still the case. A source close to Tran tells Gossip Cop exclusively, “She isn’t with him or even thinking about him. She doesn’t speak to him at all. She is focused on her family and career.”


  1. I don’t believe her but whatever if she ain’t with him now she will be soon enough. She has proven over and over she has no self esteem and lets him do anything to her and she takes him back why would that stop now. She is just that stupid I wouldn’t be surprised in the next couple of months Chris will have her babysitting Royalty.

  2. It’s cute that she wants to pretend to be a strong woman now, but we know the truth. As long as Chris has money and fame, she will never completely leave him alone. This is temporary. He knows it too.

  3. LOVE is love…..how many of ya’ll been in her shoes? Not excluding the fact he is Chris Brown. Yes this is a turbulent relationship, but how many couples been though rocky times, worked it out,and are happily married today at least she didn’t marry him. Giving up and letting go is to easy, makes me question was it really love…..think about that.

    1. Girl what? Karrueche finally gets enough sense to keep trucking and you’re going to question her character and not Chris’ dumb a-s who stays f-cking up? Stop the madness. It doesn’t mater if she loved him or not. Chris is the one with the problem. So far he’s managed to whoop one woman’s a-s, cheat on all of them, and have a baby on the other one. He doesn’t know sh-t about love.

    2. This has nothing to do with love. I don’t think either loved each other. Karrueche was in it to create a career for herself, and Chris hates being alone. Dependency and love aren’t the same thing.

  4. Women have to stop being blinded by Chris’ looks, body, money, fame, talent and d-ck. He’s not a good dude and all women should avoid him.

  5. I love all the perfect people on this site. He’s not allowed to grow and change. People love to say once an abuser always an abuser, or he needs anger management. Jay-z has slapped women, Andre Harrell stabbed a man. Dre has hit women. Let Chris grow without always dragging him. And as for Ms. K she can say what she wants but if she goes back good for them if she stays away good for them

    1. I’ll take you seriously when you at least learn the difference between breathe and breath. It’s BREATHE. And Jay Z mushing his own cousin while they were play fighting isn’t the same thing as Chris Brown punching and slamming Rihanna’s face into the dashboard multiple times, and leaving her on the side of the road to choke on her own blood. So yall Team Breezy people need to stop bringing him into this crap. Chris’ track record with women as a whole is pathetic and y’all need to stop defending his ways. He keeps making y’all look like idiots. This man just had a baby on the one woman who was dumb enough to have your same mentality. And look where that got her. Embarrassed. He is who he is. Don’t get mad at us for stating the obvious. Some people change and some never do. Chris is the latter. Deal with it.

    2. Girl you better not be a black woman defending this man and if you’re dark skinned, you’re really delusional. He doesn’t even like black women like that, especially dark skinned black women. Take him off your list of celebs you need to be defending on here. Only go to bat for those who f-ck with you chile.

    3. How many years has Chris had to grow and change? He’s not going to change. Miss me with that tired Team Breezy rhetoric please.

    4. I’m not sure why you are bringing other men into this conversation. We’re talking about Chris Brown and Karrueche. And his abusive past shouldn’t really be discussed on this post either because what he did to Rihanna had nothing to do with how badly he treated Karrueche. He never hit Kae from what we know, but he mistreated her throughout their relationship. He’s obviously someone who isn’t relationship material. He’d do better focusing on his career and daughter instead of wasting a woman’s time.

    5. You sound like the type of woman who would stay with the wrong man too long. And then when you hit your late 40s and you’re miserable, you won’t be able to pinpoint where you went wrong. It’s ok to give people second chances, but when you give them 3, 5, and eventually 30, you’ve played yourself.

    6. Yawn. Whenever the truth is told about someone’s fave, they come with the y’all think y’all perfect bullsh-t. You cape for someone who doesn’t give a damn about you or black women period. Hell even the thot he impregnated is exotical. He ain’t for us. That’s why he pressed charges on his stalker. If she was exotical he would have smashed.

  6. Given how much she’s gone back in the past, it’s hard to believe she won’t go back at some point. We’ll just have to see.

  7. Chris has some of the most delusional stans. Too bad y’all don’t buy his albums anymore. LOL.

  8. It should be pretty damn obvious by now why Karrueche kept dealing with him as long as she did. Now that she’s still getting work without him, she may actually try to keep her distance. But I’m sure her pimp I mean manager is already trying to help her secure another celebrity boyfriend.

  9. Team Breezy in their feelings like always. She will go back to him eventually though. Let’s not kid ourselves.

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