Blac Chyna’s Mom Drags the Kardashians & Tyga + Tyga Responds

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

We told you recently that the Kardashan crew is playing dirty and getting even with Blac Chyna with help from the media because Chyna posting text messages of Tyga begging her to take him back made Kylie Jenner look foolish, so they got Tyga’s grandmother to take shots at Chyna in a recent interview with Kardashian affiliate the Daily Mail.

It looks like Chyna’s mom has had enough, although her daughter remains silent about the interview on her social media accounts.

She had some words for Tyga, Kylie, the Kardashians and Tyga’s grandmother below (screenshots obtained by the Shade Room):

chyna mom goes off

chyna mom goes off 2

chyna mom goes off 3

Tyga attempted to calm down the situation and told Chyna’s mom the interview is fake (screenshot obtained by Baller Alert):

tyga instagram


  1. Now her makeup is a mess, but she told not one lie. And I’m dead at birthing hips. LOL.

    1. I was on the floor with birthing hips. They been saying from day one that his a-s gives off that fruit smell!

  2. I understand why Chyna’s mom is upset, but she won’t win a war against the Kardashians. It is what it is.

    1. What? Man f-ck all those b-tches. They can keep all the blogs on their payroll, but the everyday person knows they ain’t sh-t. Kylie is trash. She learned how to be a hoe at a young age. She ain’t nobody to be praising.

  3. I think the one she posted about them not being a better family was the only thing she needed to post.

  4. So the interview was fake? That means Kris is planting stories again and not even telling Tyga what she’s doing. It’s just a matter of time before they start going after him too.

  5. They don’t even have to say anything to be honest. That family will eventually turn on Tyga and it will be ugly. These dummies never learn.

  6. Tyga is the same fool who hacked into Chyna’s Twitter account and defamed her. I don’t trust anything he says.

  7. Chyna mom went in and she spoke some true ish. As far as Tyga lame a-s if the interview was fake why is he just now saying something why didn’t he say anything when the interview first hit. Lets say the interview is fake he was fine with everybody thinking the interview was true and it trashing Chyna. But now that Chyna mom hit him and the Kartrashians with that ether he speaks.

  8. Everyone is a bird in this situation. But the Kardashians have been birds for a long time. Their whiteness just makes people turn a blind eye to it. If Chyna is ghetto, so is Kylie. No one in that family has any class. They sleep their way to success.

  9. Tyga is stupid. He will defend the Kardashians and Kylie all day long, but he stayed quiet when Kim’s assistant went in on Chyna. He doesn’t want to be peaceful. He wants to protect the Kardashians. You can drag Chyna all day long and he won’t say a word. But clap back at that family, oh he has to speak up then to keep the peace. What a self hating piece of trash.

  10. I agree with her completely the only thing he see is her (Kylie ) color it erases away everything else. And living in America and our past he’s lost why did he bring out his grandmother he don’t rap in Chinese. I’m lost he’s a prevent dating a child why is no one including the grandmother talking about that.

  11. Welp, after that epic drag expect to see TMZ, Radar online and the The Daily Fail come through with all kinds of sh-t about Mama Chyna! They always have to sic their paid pitbull on anyone who doesn’t fall in line. I abhor this family!

  12. Chyna is her daughter. She has a right to defend her. Kris uses the blogs to defend her kids, well Chyna’s mom is using IG. They’re even.

  13. I’m not accepting it why is he spending all his time defending a “friend” but he don’t spend any time defending his baby mama as a matter of fact he gets his grandmother to talk about her I’ve never heard of someone doing this for their friend. This whole situation of him being a lying pervert is upsetting and disturbing.

  14. It just keeps getting better. All ik is I’m waiting for these lil 4mos to fly. Wait. Ain’t it 3 now? Lol

  15. A mess but I’m here for it. That family needs to be dragged by everybody. They have stabbed so many black people in their backs. Yet we keep them in business. Smdh.

    1. well they do say inferior ppl always support and run to their abuser. then wonder why they’re treated inferiorly

  16. The truth will set you free. I’m glad Blac Chyna’s mom isn’t letting them trash her daughter anymore. They are just cowards who hide behind the blogs.

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