George Zimmerman Gets More Karma

Photo Credit: Seminole County Sheriff's Office
Photo Credit: Seminole County Sheriff’s Office

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Trayvon Martin’s killer George Zimmerman was delighted he got off for killing the Florida teen, but his life has been a mess since.

Not only did his marriage fold, but he continues to have a string of legal problems.

Sources now confirm Zimmerman was shot in the face recently. PEOPLE writes:

Local ABC affiliate WFTV initially reported that Zimmerman was driving in Lake Mary, Florida, when he was shot in the face by another driver. However, Zimmerman’s attorney told NBC affiliate WESH that the bullet missed Zimmerman’s head but he was injured by the spraying glass from his windshield as well as other debris.

A police source confirms the shooting to PEOPLE, but wouldn’t divulge information about Zimmerman’s injuries. The source adds that the shooting was the result of an ongoing dispute between Zimmerman and the unnamed shooter.

“We’re investigating it, of course,” says the police source. “It could have been a road rage incident, or it could have been something more than that. We’ll know more as we continue to gather information.”


  1. He’s going to end up killed eventually. Not because of Trayvon but because he can’t stop f-ckin with people. But I find it humorous that he tried someone who was armed. Poetic justice.

    1. It was the same guy who accused Zimmerman of pulling a gun on him last year at a traffic light. Me thinks Zimmerman has messed with the wrong man this time. Not everybody he f-cks with gonna be unarmed. That karma tho! Ain’t she a b-tch?

    1. Exactly. Killing someone’s son because they beat your a-s in a fight you started yeah karma would be his death.

  2. I can’t believe some grubby, right wing do-gooder on MSN was talking about “pray for Zimmerman!” Really tho?

  3. His a$$ gonna get more than that. His fat a$$ gonna suffer for the world to see before God takes his a$$ out

  4. Karma is a beautiful. I hope he felt the fear that Trayvon Martin no doubt did when he was shot and that the shooter gets away with it. After all, he was only defending himself against a thug (who unlike Trayvon, was armed and has a history of violence).

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