Ciara Talks Low Album Sales for ‘Jackie’

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Ciara was projected to sell only about 22,000 copies of her new album “Jackie” the first week of its release, but the R&B singer wants her fans to know she will remain positive.

She tells Philadelphia’s Power 99 RNGMS:

“You know in a perfect world you would hope for more. You know what I know about this album? This album’s amazing. I’m so proud of it. I put my all into it. I really do believe it’s my best body of work. And to me it’s always never been about…I’m going on 13 years in my career.

“I still have my fans…they come to my shows and they’re sold out. All these good things are happening.

“That’s the last…least of my worries because everything else will take care of itself. I’m honestly just excited about just being able to continue to share the music on this album like on my tour. It’s more videos to come. We’re just getting started. “


The final numbers are also in for “Jackie,” and Hits Daily Double claims the album only sold 19,856 copies in its first week.


  1. What in the everlasting f-ck? Things don’t just work themselves out when you are in the music business. You literally have to work your a-s off if you’re a black artist trying to make it. Ciara gets on my damn nerves because she really thinks sh-t is just going to fall in her lap. She will promote her first single and won’t do sh-t else. Then she wonders why she flops.

  2. Ciara says the same thing every album. She claims it’s her best body of work but that hasn’t been the case since her debut.

  3. Somebody on here said it this will probably be her last album on a major label. Labels are not going to keep financing albums with poor sales. Ciara needs to go back to Jazze Pha and copy exactly what she did on the first 2 albums.Those were great albums she needs to get back to that not only did she have some good dance tracks but she actually had some good slow r&b songs And I, My love those are some good songs.

  4. If people are coming to her tour and not buying the new album, it means even her fans aren’t feeling her new music. They are going to her shows to see her perform her old songs. Why does she not get this?

  5. Well you can tell she doesn’t care about her album sales. That’s why she’s always so lazy with her career.

  6. After seeing that one move where she gives a fan a lap dance…..the same damn lap dance every.single.time! I realise that one of Ciara’s main problems is she thinks doing the same thing over and over again will work at some point. But my thing is, how many times do you hit your head against the wall before you figure out that you’re bleeding?

  7. She flops because she has this lazy mentality. Album sales do matter. Especially when you’re not on an independent label. She is throwing her label’s money away each time she flops. She will be in so much debt in a few years because of this.

  8. I respect her for staying positive but you have to be a go getter to be a success in anything you do. Ciara lacks the passion to win.

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