RHOA Reunion Ratings Tank

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Season seven of “Real Housewives of Atlanta” is officially over, but it’s fair to say the ratings have been pretty lackluster the majority of the season.

While some feel the problem is the cast dragging out storylines from two seasons ago, others think the addition of Claudia Jordan and Demetria McKinney has hurt the show.

And while many suspected the show would gain in ratings with the reunion, the numbers are pretty dreadful.

Here are the numbers via TV by the Numbers:

Reunion Part 1 – 3.38 million

Reunion Part 2 – 2.83 million

Reunion Part 3 – 2.59 million

Last season the reunion got over 4 million viewers each part. The ratings for the reunion haven’t been this low since season three.


  1. Of course the ratings dropped. It’s boring when they keep talking about the same stuff and fighting over petty stuff. I hope Bravo makes some changes.

    1. He’s gone, Demetria ain’t coming back….alls left is Clawfoot and her bunions to hit the doe!

      1. If y’all can blame the ratings increase on Kenya, we can blame the decline of ratings on her too. Fair?

        1. The ratings dropped on the last one because no one was interested in Nene’s struggle crying scenes.

  2. I ain’t surprised like I been saying all season you have half the cast members latching on to the other cast members for storylines. They keep casting people who bring nothing to the show >>>>Claudia & Demetria. Not only that but they keep talking about the same damn thing Cynthia & Nene not being friends, the Apollo situation those are old storylines. Also Cynthia and Kenya need to get them some new storylines that doesn’t involve other cast members or they need to be booted off as well. I’m pretty much done with RHOA it has just went downhill and these ratings prove it.

  3. LHHATL is on the decline too. People just get tired when you keep harping on the same stuff all the time. Like why are we still talking about Mimi’s planned sex tape? Why are we still talking about Apollo and Kenya? Enough.

  4. Once again, Nene was right! The new additions have done nothing for the show. We don’t know anything about them except that SHE is all they talk about. We the viewers want the core cast to stay. The rest and Cynthia need to be gone.

  5. The show ratings dropped because Ken man looking face and body. I stop watching the show because there are no wife’s on the show. Why are single women on the show

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