Tyga Thinks Blac Chyna is Bitter?

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

It was reported recently that Blac Chyna is allegedly in talks to file for primary custody of her son with Tyga, and TMZ claims it’s all because she doesn’t approve of the child being around Tyga’s 17-year-old girlfriend Kylie Jenner.

Now the site claims Tyga is clapping back and he thinks Chyna is just bitter.

TMZ writes:

Sources close to Tyga tell TMZ, he doesn’t think his relationship with Kylie is any reflection on his ability to be a good dad … and no one — not even BC — can legitimately question his parenting skills.

We’re told Tyga believes any attempt to wrestle custody away from him is simply because he chose KJ over BC.

Our sources say Tyga thinks if anyone is questionable it’s Blac Chyna, whom he claims cares more about twerking than raising their son.


  1. Oh Tyga please. You’re the only idiot who thinks Kylie is some kind of trophy. Anyone with sense can see all of those women are nothing but trash.

  2. Look at the Kris Jenner machine at work. Next we’ll hear about some dude that claims he slept with Chyna and how that’s proof she’s an unfit Mom. Watch!

  3. Tyga is such a simpleton. He fits the description to the T on what the Kardashians look for when they need a new simp.

  4. Really? He can’t understand why a woman wouldn’t want her child around that family? I can’t.

  5. So Chyna is a bad mother for twerking but it’s ok for Kylie to be on video sticking her hands up her sister’s tw-t. You can’t make this stuff up folks.

  6. Bitter but he was just begging Chyna in the text messages she released. Tyga is so stupid he can’t see him being in a relationship with a minor puts his parental skills into question. Not only that it makes his decision making skeptical and then he wants accuse Chyna of twerking too much umm twerking vs dating a minor he is an idiot.

  7. He’s missing the point here. If Chyna was so bitter, she would have taken him back when he came running back last month. She doesn’t want him but she understands her son doesn’t need to be around those people. Any family who cosigns a 16 year old hooking up with a grown man ain’t good enough to be around my kids.

  8. I think he’s the bitter one. How are you trying to get back with your ex when you’re with your high school chick? He’s just mad Chyna curved him.

  9. He’s never going to be able to come back from this. He will be remembered for hooking up with Kylie while she was just 16.

  10. Let the text messages tell it Chyna can have him whenever she wants. So this bitter claim aint making sense.

  11. This n-gga is goofy. Kylie is still getting work done to compete with his baby moms. Enough said.

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