Kenya Moore is Ready to Move On

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

It’s been a tough week for “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Kenya Moore considering she learned her “Millionaire Matchmaker” boyfriend James Freeman got married last month, and she claims he was secretly dating her and his new wife at the same time.

James’ wife claims Kenya is lying and she was only using the brief relationship for publicity.

While James remains silent, Kenya is now talking and she makes it clear that she’s ready to move on.

She tells Extra TV:

“I’m not the first person that’s been lied to by a man and I’m not the last. I’m in this fight and I’m a warrior and life twirls on…that’s it.

“You gotta kiss some frogs to find a prince and things happen. It’s how you react to it that determines your future and I think this is just a bump in the road.”

Kenya also claims it’s obvious he was dating both women at the same time (James’ wife claims they began dating in December):

“We did the show in November. There’s evidence of me being out and birthday dinners together…my birthday was at the end of January. So that’s clear so it is what it is.”


  1. Ok. Now that I have thought about it some more, I think both sides aren’t telling the whole truth. I think James was dating Kenya and his wife at the same time, but he broke things off sometime in February or March. He told Kenya about wifey, but she knew him bouncing so soon would make her look bad so she asked him to play along for her image. He said hell no, so Kenya tried to pretend they were still dating with that ring picture. His wife got upset, and they put the pictures out. That’s my theory.

    1. Kenya is a professional liar. First she paid Walter to be her boyfriend to get on the show. Then she actively pursued Apollo with no shame. Now she posted a photo of her pretend engagement af Porscha call her out on twitter about dating a married man. Kenya knew he was married and did not care

    2. Girl this makes a lot of sense and I think this is what happened. Had Kenya just moved on and been upfront about it, this would have never went left. She only has herself to blame. Her need to lie always comes back to haunt her.

  2. He’s a cheater and con artist… End of story. He’s just like Nikko lol part of me believes Kenya kind of knew a little bit but… Sigh

  3. Even Patty has sided with Kenya and said she knows James was dating Kenya the same time he started dating his wife. And there are actual receipts that show he was with Kenya a month after he started dating his wife. But y’all still blame Kenya for all of this like the bitter haters you are.

    1. I don’t know where you saw that but you are Team Twirl so y’all truth is always questionable! Patti’s statement said that Kenya and James broke up, but she said it’s also possible that he could’ve dated both as men are sometimes apt to do. Nowhere does she cosign Kenya’s statement, so quit lying. Even The Daily Mail which seems to love them some Kenya came out and said Patti’s statement conflicts with Kenya’s. Nice try though!

      1. I’m not asking YOU to believe anything! You hate Kenya so much you will always side against her like your life depends on it. So whatever. Back to the regular scheduled program.

        1. Girl, please get out your damn feelings! I don’t hate Kenya, I just don’t believe anything out of her mouth once her lips are moving. If you can’t deal with folks not liking your fave, you’ve come to the wrong forum. You Twirl stans are so f-cking sensitive…gotdamn!

          1. We’re too sensitive but look who is using profanity right now. Please. You’re no better than the stans. The way you get so worked up on here over Kenya ain’t no better than what me and the stans do. We’re two sides of the same coin. Haters and stans are one in the same. Just face it.

          2. Sweetie! I’m not getting worked up, I cuss on the regular if, and when I want to…ask any of the regulars. But you only crawl out from under your rock when a post has to do with Kenya, so you wouldn’t know…that’s okay! I don’t need to face sh-t! I said what I said about Kenya and that’s enough for me. But you still all up up in your damn feelings cuz I won’t tolerate her mess. And another thing, me not liking Kenya’s fraudulent behind doesn’t make me a hater….it means I’m not falling for the okie, doke like you do!

          3. Girl, I’m nothing like y’all stand. But yeah, please be out for as long as possible so they can be actual debate on this thread rather than blind worship. Thanks!

          1. I’m sorry girl, I don’t wanna fight, but I guess some folks can’t engage in lively debate without getting all butt hurt! This just seems to be the MO for some of the Kenya stans. Soon as you say sh-t about her, folks get all salty. It irritating!

    2. That was her second statement but in her first statement she said that Kenya and James had broken up and then he met someone else so which one is it. Her quote exactly according to Stanger, Freeman did nothing wrong. “They basically dated.They broke up,” she continued.”He did not date his old girlfriend and marry her. Wendy Williams got that wrong. He met a new girl in January and he ended up marrying her. It was very fast.”

      1. All this shows is Patti didn’t know what she was talking about when she made her first statement. James’ own wife said out her mouth to Radar Online that they met in DECEMBER. They did not meet in January.

        1. Ok lets just say for the sake of arguing he was dating both women but it was Kenya who was perpetrating a fraud for months like they were so in love knowing damn well either they weren’t that serious or that the man had moved on either way she’s fraud. Is the man wrong yes he is for dating two women but one thing y’all stans can’t get through y’all head is Kenya is not innocent she is not a victim she brought majority of this down on herself if she had just kept it real and stop fronting she wouldn’t be in this mess. As far as Patti I don’t know what to believe because she in panic mode her damn self this is a PR nightmare for her so she will say anything to spin this.

  4. Kenya knew it was over and she will still pretending they were seeing each other. I think it’s awesome it blew up in her face.

  5. Somebody is lying because Patti just said that Kenya & James broke up and then he met the lady and married her. Now she is changing her story so conveniently talking about he was seeing both of the women well which one is it smells like a Bravo PR cover up. Patti just trying to save her own a-s because not only does this make Kenya look bad but it makes matchmaker look bad. I think Kenya and him dated but I dont think they were so in love or that serious as Kenya tried to portray typical fraud behavior from her. She knew damn well they weren’t that serious and he had moved on and she just kept fronting like the liar that she is and it blew up in her face.

  6. Kenya’s birthday picture with James confirms her side of the story. If James’ own life said they started dating in December, he should not be at Kenya’s birthday dinner cozying up to her, right? I swear people don’t want to use common sense because they don’t like Kenya. This man is not a prize. He will cheat on his wife again.

    1. Yeah but Kenya continued to lie about still being together when she put up a pic on her IG in March .. So either she lied about them being together or she ain’t care he was with someone new

  7. Patti’s tweets:

    Patti Stanger @pattistanger · 3h 3 hours ago
    FYI tweets I’m not sure james is really married! I smell a sham! No rings in wedding photos. Show me the marriage documents! @KenyaMoore

    I love you @usweekly but I never defended james! I’m sure he played both sides of the st. as men often do! @KenyaMoore long distance sucks!

    Was james single at the time of shooting? Yes he was! Did @KenyaMoore n james date yes! But only they know for how long and what happened!

    Patti Stanger @pattistanger · 14h 14 hours ago
    Ever dated a guy long distance and didn’t know he was dating someone else? I know I have. Dating is like #TheBachelor it’s anyone’s game!

  8. Hmmm I think Lizzie’s theory makes a lot of sense. I do believe it’s most likely that Kenya and James did date after they met each other on MM. But like a lot of men, he met his wife and started double dipping. He broke things off with Kenya not too long after her birthday and got married in April. Kenya asked him to fake like they were still seeing each other and he said no. Porsha’s fans tweeted her when they saw the pictures, and that’s how we all ended up here.

  9. Kenya probably orchestrated all of this so we would still be talking about her after the reunion. And it will also be her storyline. I just find fishy that none of the stans and internet detectives have located a marriage certificate yet. This could be just another stunt.

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