Draya Addresses Color Struck Accusations

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

“Basketball Wives LA” star Draya is extremely proud of her company Mint Swim, but the reality star caught some backlash because some people feel she doesn’t use enough brown models for her advertising campaigns.

Draya denies this and tells Jet Magazine:

“Being in such a public position, everyone is entitled to their own opinions and their thoughts, but some things just aren’t true. A lot of people just don’t do enough of their research. Just yesterday, people were saying “Oh, you don’t use brown skin models” and I had to remind them that you know just a few weeks ago, April 19th actually to be exact, I had a runway show and I used only brown skin models. So you just have to ignore the people that aren’t knowledgeable because if they were, there wouldn’t be any room for them to make a comment like that. You just have to handle things the right way.”

And as far as BBWLA is concerned, Draya says at this point she’s not friends with anyone when filming wraps up:

“You know, when I’m not filming, I tend to just mind my business and kind of stay out of the way and leave Basketball Wives stuff for only on the cameras.”


  1. Get your money but pay attention to your target market too. If they feel you don’t use enough brown/dark skinned models, fix that. Don’t be foolish.

  2. Draya is color struck when she first started her swimwear line she had nothing but light skin chicks until people started to call her out. She even semi-admitted it at one point because she was like why is she only one getting called out when other clothing lines feature mostly light skin chicks too. So bye Draya

  3. No, she wasn’t booking brown models like that but she’s trying to do it now because people keep calling her out.

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