Chris Brown is Cutting up, Again

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Chris Brown isn’t paying much attention to the shade his baby mama Nia and her boyfriend keep sending his way over their daughter Royalty, and that’s because he’s been too busy keeping up with who his ex-girlfriend Karrueche Tran is spending time with.

Karrueche has been enjoying the single life, and she headed to Vegas for a paid appearance and ended up running into model Tyson Beckford.

He posted the following photo and it just got messy from there:

tyson beckford karrueche instagram

That’s when Chris Brown’s friend Kid Red decided to send a threat to the model:

kid red instagram

Chris followed up with threats of his own:

chris brown twitter

chris brown twitter 2

chris brown twitter 3

chris brown instagram

Interestingly enough, both Karrueche and Tyson have been paying Chris and his friends dust. Not only have they not responded, but they are now following each other on Instagram.


    1. And that’s the saddest part of it all. He has a child now but he’s still out here trying to be a thug. It’s pathetic.

  1. Unlike Chris, Tyson is a grown man and carries himself as such. So if Chris tries him, he will be arrested and charged. He needs to sit down and understand needing a group of men to help you fight is lame.

  2. So Chris needs all those bums to help him fight one n-gga? I always knew he was a b-tch a-s n-gga.

  3. The last time Chris tried for fight over an ex he ended up with glass in his chin and multiple lawsuits. He needs to stop.

  4. Those are the ni$$as that cause him and rihanna to breakup atleast one of the reason . she just never like them niggaz. now i see why. they have prison written all over them. taking all them niggaz to Vegas is asking for trouble. these niggaz look like they have no broutghtupsy

  5. The fact that Chris thinks he can threaten and bully men Karrueche dates now proves he’s still abusive.

  6. Chris will always be a complete mess. I’m glad Tyson isn’t responding to this foolishness.

  7. Just another wake up call for Chris Brown’s stupid stans. He will never change.

  8. Chris is such a low down dirty dog. First of all Kid Red is a grade A flunkie. Now onto Chris he is acting like he owns her now the audacity of this jerk now he has embarrassed her,disrespected her,cheated on her had a baby on her. And now because another man is showing her some attention he is trying to intimidate her and Tyson. I feel so sorry for baby Royalty to have Chris as a father is unfortunate.

  9. This is why I don’t feel sorry for Chris. He could have been a really big artist, but his attitude and anger issues were never dealt with. Oh well.

  10. And he was on IG cussing his fans out again for telling him to let this go. His fans need to go ahead and abandon ship. He doesn’t care about them.

    1. Sis he should even have any fans left TBH. That’s why I don’t feel sorry for them either.

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