Erica Mena Shades Yandy & Mendeecees’ Wedding + Yandy Responds

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Former “Love and Hip Hop New York” star Erica Mena has been pretty transparent with her annoyance with Yandy Smith, and it all stems from the fact that she thinks it’s unfair how the producers only give Yandy flattering edits while others can’t get the same treatment.

Yandy denied the preferential treatment, but that hasn’t stopped Erica from throwing shade on Twitter when she feels like it.

While social media has been praising Yandy and Mendeecees’ televised wedding, Erica isn’t impressed (screenshots obtained by Talk Your Ish Blog, read from bottom to top):

erica mena twitter 2
erica mena twitter

Yandy responds:

yandy twitter


  1. I think Erica is just pissed she didn’t get a wedding special. But why would Mona hook her up when she keeps coming for Yandy?

  2. How was the wedding a joke? Yandy looked beautiful and VH1 paid for everything. She wins. Erica is just jealous as usual.

  3. Yawn. Erica just wanted some attention. She needs to be planning her own wedding and stop worrying about other people.

  4. Erica shaded Draya when her and Orlando broke up too and it’s laughable because she really thinks she’s Oprah or somebody.

  5. I think I get what Erica was trying to say. Yes, the wedding was nice but let’s not forget Mendeecees is going back to jail for a few years in the fall and he got with Yandy while he was with his other baby mama. They keep trying to make it seem like they have a fairytale situation but they really don’t.

    1. While this is true, Erica hasn’t even been with Bow Wow long enough to look down on other couples. She really doesn’t know how things will pan out for them.

  6. Yandy and Mendeecees got paid well to get married and they didn’t have to pay for anything. I can’t even hate. If Erica got the same offer, she’d take it.

    1. Erica said she did get the offer but Bow Wow said no. He really thinks he’s Jay Z and she’s Beyonce. LOL.

  7. I thought the wedding was beautiful. And for all we know, he may end up not going back to jail. He’s been using his VH1 checks to pay back for all those crimes he committed. Celebrities get off all the time.

  8. LMBO. Erica needs to stawp. Her situation ain’t that much better. She reminds me of those annoying chicks who get the big head when someone slips up and wifes them. All of a sudden they are better than everyone else even though dude only been in the picture for a few months. But will they actually make it to a year though?

  9. Bow Wow talked her into quitting LHH and you can see she’s starting to regret it. She loves the attention. Erica won’t be able to go a whole year without doing a reality show. You can bet on it.

  10. I enjoyed the wedding and I don’t understand why some people were calling it ratchet on Twitter. Everyone looked great and I got teary eyed when Yandy’s dad walked her down the aisle on crutches.

  11. Low self esteem is a b-tch. She is always trying to come for somebody but swears she’s so damn happy. I can’t tell!

  12. Erica needs to lay off Yandy and worry if Roll, Bounce will actually put a ring on it. She’s acting way too brand new, like he’s some sort of upgrade from Cyn and Rich Dollaz.

  13. yandy the one who put erica on. that’s what happen when negros always lending a helpin’ hand to other races…they dont ‘preciate or value it and never return the favor

  14. Erica Mena need b worried about how many men have been up n bowwows buttress shame on him he may very well leave her silly ass if the right man comes along and put it up n his punk ass Erica pls let the brothers go girl you r a cute girl and they just want that ass and mouth of yours cause u use both really well sit down and stop hating on yandie she got the man you got one son b happy and watch Bow wow cause you r n for a ride and hopefully u won’t n up with aids buy you r n our prayers

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