Is This The Real Reason Iggy Azalea’s Tour Was Cancelled?

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Rapper Iggy Azalea is still celebrating her new engagement to Lakers star Nick Young, however her tour mishap may begin to overshadow the good news.

Apparently sources are telling Billboard Iggy’s tour wasn’t cancelled due to her needing a break, but low ticket sales.

Billboard writes:

…AEG Live never put its full marketing support behind the tour, the company’s senior VP Debra Rathwell tells Billboard. “As we were not able to fill the support slots on the tour in the fall, due to so many artists already having commitments and working this summer, we had not advertised or promoted the new shows since last winter,” she says.

Still, Rathwell adds, “The dates were selling well and were going to do fine,” despite multiple sources who shared figures with Billboard suggesting that certain dates were only 20 percent sold. CAA and AEG stood by Azalea’s creative decision to take a break and did not explore a move to smaller venues — “there was no reason to do so,” Rathwell adds.


In a nutshell, Iggy’s team claims ticket sales were doing just fine before the plug was pulled, but Billboard got its hands on actual numbers that showed sales were actually weak, and things got worse when Iggy’s supporting acts Nick Jonas and Tinashe jumped off board (Tinashe later joined Nicki Minaj’s successful The Pinkprint Tour).


  1. Someone on here called this a month ago…. Not shocking. Just marry that man & Pop out a couple kids….

  2. Igloo had no business headlining her own tour when she had one hit song. She got the big head and had to be reminded real quick that she ain’t sh-t.

  3. The hype didn’t help her after all. Her album flopped, tour flopped, and her peers don’t even respect her. She should just retire and enjoy the baller wife life.

  4. Her label should have never agreed to the tour. She is nowhere near ready for it. She doesn’t even have a decent fan base and can’t push albums. So how was she going to sell out stadiums?

  5. I’m glad the culture vulture is taking this L. And lol @ her supporting act making better moves than her. Good.

  6. Hip hop is black music rap is black music it was started by black people not eminem or iggy azalea and you can’t insult the people of the music your are trying to imitiate. Who other than hella white people were actually feeling her she only had one song. She done came to America picked up a black man made hella money off black people I think she should be happy and shut up. She doing better than most black women born and raised in America.

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