Karrueche Tran & Chris Brown Back Together? Not So Fast

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Karrueche Tran has made it clear she has no interest on reconciling with Chris Brown anytime soon since he had a baby on her and she had to find out via the blogs, but TMZ reported earlier this morning that the former couple appeared to be reunited when they showed up to the same nightclub and appeared to leave the venue together.

TMZ writes:

CB rolled up to Playhouse Thursday night in a sick new Lambo … Karrueche showed a short time later. It seemed she was there because her BFF Christina Milian was the host for the night … something Chris clearly knew.

Apparently Chris performed a magic show inside — because he and Karrueche left together in the same SUV, leaving the Lambo behind. But pay close attention to the end of the video. One of KT’s friends asks Chris to stay out of their SUV, but he tells her … “Move to the back” … and hops in anyway.

A second angle (below) shows that Chris ended up squeezing on to the same seat as Karrueche.

So, the question is — did she WANT him to get in, and if NOT … why didn’t SHE get out? You’ll recall … Karrueche said she was done with Chris for good when baby Royalty hit the scene.

Interestingly enough, Karrueche’s camp tells Gossip Cop Chris forced himself in the vehicle and she still wants nothing to do with him.

Gossip Cop writes:

Brown arrived at Playhouse Nightclub late Thursday, where Tran was set to party with close friend Christina Milian. Gossip Cop is told that the drama began when Brown purchased a table right next to Tran and her pals. They got into a “huge argument” inside the club, leading Tran to run out. Brown allegedly ran after her, which is when paparazzi cameras caught footage of the two together outside the venue.

But it was NOT a joyous reunion. Tran’s rep tells Gossip Cop exclusively that she hopped into an Uber to get away from Brown, but he “jumped in and wouldn’t get out.” Tran demanded Brown leave the vehicle, which he allegedly refused to do. Not wanting to cause a public scene, the ride took off with both stars still in it. As for what happened after that, we’re told Tran will be making a public statement later Friday.

Karrueche’s camp reached back out to TMZ and spilled what happened after. The site reports:

We’re told KT was PISSED and left the club … and Brown followed … eventually weaseling his way into her SUV.

Our sources connected to Karrueche say KT did NOT want him inside — and dropped him off with his friends a short time later.

Which is why she was even more upset when he showed up on her doorstep around 3:30 AM — banging and yelling, clearly trying to get KT to open up.
Tran ultimately left her home — and went to the famous Norm’s Diner. Brown showed up a short time later.

Once inside, we’re told they began to argue and it escalated into a full-blown shouting match.

Eventually, Karrueche left the restaurant and returned home — without Chris.


  1. Who does she think she’s fooling? She’ll be back on his d-ck when the gigs stop coming in. He’s the whole reason she has a “career” right now. Either that or her pimp will try his best to get her a new baller. Relationships are the only way this broad stays somewhat famous.

  2. …at which point a neighbor called the cops because of all the noise he was causing.

    He is escalating and is going to harm her himself or both. I told y’all that apology last week was bunk.

    1. Exactly. And then he blames everyone but himself for why his career hasn’t been decent in years. It’s crazy.

  3. She can pretend she has a backbone now all she wants. It is just a matter of time before she takes him back. History doesn’t lie.

  4. How bout them Warriors!!! LMBO. It’s same old, same old with these two. Chris is just not used to her taking this long to make her inevitable return to him. But she will.

  5. You can tell from the way he as talking to her friend that he was not welcomed in that car. He was yelling at her to move in the back. What’s wrong with this dude? He won’t even let the girl move on.

  6. How the tables have turned! I remember watching videos of them leaving the club and she would always walk behind him like a puppy. Now it seems like she is the star and he is the groupie following behind her. SMH. Despite all this I still believe she will get back with him.

  7. Chris brown needs serious help, he needs to take his bipolar medicines and leave karreuche alone before he does something he can’t say sorry for. He can’t be that desperate for her if he has relations with other women . He had made a whole child on her, move the hell on. Take a good lesson from Rihanna she is probably right now, no longer her problem. Chris has already stated he is not ready for marriage so Karreuchr has given him 4 years of her life to be humiliated most of the relationship. Get a backbone and move on , now you have been humiliated again after the club with him getting in the car, disrespecting your friends it’s time for you to call it a rap, done…

  8. Sometimes in life there are always warning signs before destruction. Take the warning and move on because you are not a physician Karreuche, you told Iyanna Vanzant that you know what he needs and that is Love ,well it seems he’s been getting plenty of that elsewhere. He needs to get himself well and that’s hard in the music industry, you would have thought having a daughter would change him but the behavior continue. Don’t let the next headline news be something horrific. Save yourself and let God guide you into your next chapter of life..

  9. Another thing Karreuche should think that Chris had given her different opportunities to get out the relationship, Chris going back to Rihanna on her, then constant cheating, then the humiliation in public interviews, the ultimate baby while in the relationship. When do you have self respect? Plus a person with a bipolar condition that in itself should make you realize ,this is not a normal relationship . He is one great entertainer in music but the disease of the sickness you don’t know what you are getting day by day and TMZ shows on the video he can be controlling and become violent. Rihanna moved on so when you look at yourself you are all over the TV the world is looking at you in this toxic relationship. Karreuche move on let it go….

    1. Please do not speak on bipolar disorder if you truly font under and the condition. I have bipolar disorder, specifically bipolar II and I have a perfectly normal relationship. My man is not getting Dr Jekyll/Mr. Hyde. Anyone with bipolar who had been diagnosed and treated knows that bipolar doesn’t control you or is to blame for toot shortcomings. Chris 100% knows right from wrong, his problem is that he refuses to control his impulses and use his coping skills when he begins an episode. He allows himself up get emotional and does what he wants without caring about the consequences. To compound the issue further, he drinks and puts himself in compromising situations which hinders him from controlling his impulses further. I struggle with the same anger but guess what? I do what I’m supposed to do, I control my emotions, I use my coping skills, and when I was in therapy I listened to my therapist. Bipolar is not some terrible disease like schizophrenia where you are unaware of your actions. He’s fully aware and he knows what he’s doing is wrong. Plenty of functional people with bipolar, Chris chooses not to be one of those people.

        1. Thanks for insight on Bipolar condition, you are right the alcohol drinking and him not controlling his actions is his problem, along with not doing what they told him in therapy. I pray he gets his life together and anger under control.

  10. As for Karrrueche I stand by my statement she needs to move forward in life. Gain self respect, never let some one disrespect you at this level .

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