Caitlyn Jenner Beats out Kimye

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Caitlyn Jenner is quickly becoming the most popular out of the Kardashian and Jenner bunch, but Kim Karadashian and Kanye West probably didn’t expect her to top them on the internet so quickly.

Page Six writes:

Kim Kardashian had crowed that the response to her infamous magazine cover, where she balanced a Champagne glass on her butt, would be too much for the Web to handle. Publishing insiders, however, now tell Confidenti@l that the reality star’s gender-bending step-mom, Caitlyn Jenner, is shattering Kardashian’s online records left and right.

Vanity Fair claims more than 46 million digital users watched or read content related to its historic cover — on which Jenner appeared as a woman for the first time, under the cover line “Call me Caitlyn” — via its website or on social media in the first 24 hours after publication.

Since it dropped on Monday, the video of the cover shoot has been viewed a staggering 17 million times, dwarfing the 825,000 views of the shoot for Kardashian’s famous cover with husband Kanye West at VF’s sister title Vogue. That video has been online for more than a year.

Meanwhile, the number of tweets about the newly transitioned Olympian’s VF cover surpassed those about her step-daughter’s notorious “#breaktheinternet” Paper Magazine shoot in a mere two hours.


  1. Makes sense. Bruce was always more likable than Kim and Kanye, and now that he’s Caitlyn, he’ll be even more liked. Kim and Kanye will never be likable again. They’ve done too much damage to their images.

  2. I don’t know why anyone in this family is getting praised. All of them are attention whores. Did no one notice Bruce decided to transition after he killed that person in a wreck? This was nothing more than a way to distract people from that and get us to forget what he did. And like sheep, people fell for it.

    1. Exactly! I told someone the same thing, and they swore I was hating on them. That family is strange as hell. Caitlyn and the rest of these transgender men need to have a period and child birth! I think they will rethink wanting to be a woman.

  3. And Beyonce and Jay Z made Time’s Most Powerful Couples of all time list while Kimye were nowhere to be found. This has been a bad week for Kimye. No one even cares about her being pregnant again.

  4. This has been going on. The Jenner girls are more liked and popular than Kim and em. They can’t stand it either. Lol.

  5. Kim is probably somewhere seething. That’s what her Twitter rant was really about. She’s pissed someone has finally taken her throne and it was Bruce out of all people. LOL.

  6. On June 1 the same day
    ,news broke that Akon is providing 600 million Africans with solar electricity. That should’ve copped all the headlines and broken the gotdamn internet. Instead this bullsh-t is on every blog, and news source to be found. The priorities of the media in this country is f-cked up.

  7. People are just tired of Kim and Kanye. That’s why they aren’t really a power couple. They don’t have much power because people don’t like or respect them.

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