Ashley Nicole Thinks Rasheeda & Kirk Are Using Her for a Storyline

Photo Credit: VH1
Photo Credit: VH1

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Ashley Nicole may be a “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” newbie, but being Kirk Frost’s artist is getting her plenty of camera time thanks to all the messiness it’s caused.

However, Ashley tells VH1 that she thinks Rasheeda and Kirk are the ones benefiting the most from her addition to the show.

VH1 writes:

Do you feel like you Rasheeda and Kirk set up so they could use you for their storyline?

I think that everyone’s benefiting from our story so I don’t mind giving them what they need, because I’m getting what I need. So everyone wins. I’m not salty about that at all. I do know that they were running out of sh*t to do. They must have been running out of b—es to f–k with, so I think it was smart. They are such great, well, Kirk is such a great businessman and he really knows what he’s doing and I think it was smart of them to go the route that they have this season and I’m glad that I’m the one that they chose [to sign to DLO].


  1. Well at least she realizes she’s being used unlike Mimi who still hasn’t come to the conclusion that Margeaux and Nikko have been plotting on her for the longest.

  2. At least she is honest and I can’t argue with her I think Rasheeda and Kirk are using her for a storyline but the gag is they still boring and I have no interest in checking out this chick’s music.

  3. I won’t lie I get a kick out of Ashley. That mouth of hers be having me rolling. She says any and everything that comes to her mind and gives not one eff about how you feel.

  4. Well Rasheeda and Kirk have been faking since season one. I guess they have to keep it going now to keep the bills paid.

  5. I appreciate her spunk. She always catches Rasheeda off guard with some of the random ish that comes out of her mouth. I think it’s hilarious to see.

  6. I wonder if they’ll finally use Kirk coming out the closest as a storyline next season. Atleast they’ll be giving us something REAL for a change.

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