Jada Pinkett Smith Says Women Shouldn’t Sleep with Men on the First Date

Photo Credit: Facebook
Photo Credit: Facebook

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Jada Pinkett Smith has found the love of her life in Will Smith, and although the couple’s marriage has been plagued with open marriage rumors, the actress isn’t letting the gossip keep her from giving out dating advice.

In fact, she feels like women shouldn’t sleep with men on the first date and waiting until a man “emotionally invests” in you is best.

She tells Howard Stern:

“Listen, I tell people all the time, you got to invest! Emotionally, he’s got to invest. Will was a little different because he been after me for a little while. He came to Winston-Salem to ask me again to be on [Fresh Prince], and I said no again.

“Basically [I was torturing him]. There was chemistry. Sometimes chemistry is automatic. It’s just who he is. If I remember correctly, it was maybe about a month. A month [before we had s*x]. It was wonderful. We were inseparable after that. That was it! It’s done! I was 23, so really that was it. I’ve been with him since I was 23 years old.”


  1. I really think it depends on what a woman wants from that particular man. If she wants a serious relationship, she may need to wait and make sure he’s relationship material before taking it there. Oftentimes we rush in getting to know someone and we pay for it later.

  2. I totally agree with Jada and I’m not saying if you sleep with a man on a first date you’re a ho but in my opinion I don’t think it is wise. My brother always told me to never sleep with a guy on the first date and I’ve always valued that coming from a male.

  3. It’s solid advice for women who are looking to settle down soon. It’s not fair but a lot of men will judge a woman negatively for sleeping with them on the first date. They will label a woman as a slut for sleeping with them soon, but see nothing wrong with their own actions.

  4. Sleeping with someone on the first date is risky. I don’t judge other women who do it but I stand too much to lose to risk it. I’m getting too old for the games.

  5. Most of my first dates are lame. So I don’t feel moved enough to give up the cookies these days. LOL.

  6. I wish these celebs would keep thier relationship advice to themselves. ..stay in your lane and stick to acting please.

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