Post Chris Brown, Karrueche Tran Says She is Afraid to Date Other Famous Men

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Karrueche Tran and Chris Brown are still on the outs, but some suspected a reconciliation could be in the works since Chris tried to grab her attention when they bumped into each other at the same nightclub recently.

Chris ended up jumping in Karrueche’s ride home, hoping he would get back into her good graces before the night was over.

Of course things only went left that night and cops had to be called by Karrueche’s neighbors because the former couple engaged in a shouting match, and now Karrueche says she doesn’t know if she could ever date another celebrity.

She tells Access Hollywood:

“It’s a lot to deal with…a guy who is famous…he’s rich and all that…it’s just a lot of baggage and I don’t know if I’m mentally prepared to go through that again.”

Check out the video below:


    1. They stay trying to hype this talentless doormat up. I still laugh when they call her a model. It takes more to model than being pretty. She can’t even work clothes right.

  1. Umm dating a celebrity was not the problem. The problem was dating Chris Brown, a well known abusive a-shole who hates women and sees them as pieces of property and punching bags who are only good for sex. That was the problem.

  2. Bullsh-t. As soon as her pimp, I mean manager finds her another celeb to suck and f-ck, she’ll happily move on to the next. This is the same one who was having 3somes just to keep Chris around. She ain’t giving up the lifestyle.

  3. She is really milking this whoever her team is they are really soaking up every opportunity for her to get exposure.

  4. So she’s blaming Chris’ fame for him cheating constantly, having anger issues, and having a baby on her. Hilarious.

  5. OMG I wish she would shut the f-ck up already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And they need to sit all the way down just adding titles to her resume. Since when is she a fashion designer and singer????????

    1. Exactly! I wish she’d just disappear and hg be a Teacher’s Aide or something. Anything other than clogging up my timelines in a daily.

  6. Whatever floats her boat. I just hope she remains firm and doesn’t go back to him. She seems to be flourishing since their split. She’s accomplished more in the months they were apart than she has over the course of their 5 year relationship. I ain’t mad at her.

  7. It’s sad as hell nowadays you can become famous from doing nothing, s-x tapes, and sleeping with/dating celebrities.

  8. She’s very pretty I’m just a little confused as to why she does so many interviews. Especially if she keeps repeating the same things.

  9. They are going to get back together soon. I can just feel it. Especially since she has no serious prospects.

  10. oh please getting ahead of herself just a lil bit lately as who says that another celebrity would even consider wanting to date her

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