Chris Brown & Karrueche Tran Clash on Instagram

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Chris Brown and Karrueche Tran are currently on the outs as a result of Chris fathering a child outside the relationship, but the R&B singer was convinced they would eventually reconcile once the sting lessened with time.

However, Karrueche is claiming in interviews and telling her friends that she’s really moving on this time around, and Chris thinks if that’s really the case, she should stop talking about him in interviews.

Chris left the following comment on The Shade Room:

chris instagram

Karrueche fired back:

karrueche response
karrueche response 2

After Karrueche made it clear she’s moving on, Chris seemingly accepted her position:

chris last response
chris last response 2


  1. Oh please. He always tries to make it seem like he’s so misunderstood but Chris people see you clearly. You’re a very angry little boy who has no respect for any woman you have ever been with. If you really cared about her, you would not have gotten some thot pregnant while y’all were together.

  2. This is why women shouldn’t waste time going back and forth with a man who has no respect for them. She really should have been done after he got on IG and told all his fans she was down with threes-mes. That was her sign to leave right there.

  3. Chris is so delusional. Did he not just do an interview about Karrueche? I mean he spent most of the interview talking about her and his baby. He spent only like one minute talking about his actual career. And that’s really how it is with him now. We don’t care about his music anymore. We’re more interested in his messy personal life. That’s why he can’t sell albums anymore.

  4. Chris is so unlikable now. I think about how adorable and sweet he was when he first came out and it’s so depressing to see what he grew up to be. Sad.

  5. These two are both an equal mess! Chris acts up when he does not get his way and Karrueche knows darn well she would not be getting any interviews if she was not talking about Chris. She can clearly say no comment. Did she not recently say she did not want to be knows as Chris’ ex? She loves the attention and he loves to rant and then apologize.

    1. ALL.OF.THIS! I love how Jackee gathered them in twitter, and she was totally right… they not have each other’s digits to take that mess off social media? #foolishness

  6. He thinks he can tell this grown woman what she can talk about in HER interviews? I see he’s still a very controlling jerk.

  7. Kae’s claim to fame was Chris though. Of course she’s going to talk about him in her interviews. And when she gets another baller, the topic of conversation will change once again. He knows the game.

  8. These are the same talking points his stans use but when you remind them Chris is still talking about Rihanna in his interviews in 2015, they get quiet. LOL.

  9. I hope everyone sees how polar opposites his first post was from the last. Either someone wrote the 2nd one for him *cough*publicist*cough*, or they shoved his meds down his throat just before he wrote it. Either way, he sounds mental…seriously!

  10. In about 5 years we won’t give a damn about either of these idiots. And Chris’ career is hanging on by a thread.

  11. I’m giving Kay a chance. She’s sticking to her guns and I’m rooting for her, only because fame or not love is a dangerous game. I think somewhat found her self.#rihstillrunsheeet#random

  12. Karrueche’s temporary new backbone is making her a little more tolerable for me. But we’ll see how long this lasts.

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