New Blac Chyna, Tyga & Kylie Tea

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Blac Chyna was rumored to be considering filing for primary custody of her son with Tyga weeks ago, and sources claimed she would make the move soon because she’s about fed up with Kylie Jenner hanging around King Cairo so much.

Now Kardashian affiliate Radar Online claims Tyga has no intentions of keep Kylie away from their son and Kylie has been attempting to be another mother figure to King.

Radar writes:

After the 17-year-old reality star was photographed acting distant toward her much older man’s son during North West’s birthday at Disneyland earlier this week, a Kardashian family insider says, “Blac told Tyga that she does not want her son to even be around Kylie, but there is nothing that she can really do to stop this.”

As Radar previously reported, the 27-year-old reality vixen and Jenner have had more than their fair share of back-and-forth dialogue on social media and she is fuming over the fact that her ex is now considering marrying Jenner.

“Tyga pretty much raises King Cairo and Blac Chyna is only a part-time mother,” says the source. “Kylie has taken on a role of second mother to King, but she is in no way prepared to handle the role.”


  1. Kylie really is a tragic slut. B-tch looks 40, acts 40 and now she wants to be a 40 year old stepmom. Are these the life goals her slow a-s stans want? Let them tell it she’s winning.

  2. 17 years old and trying to pretend like she gave birth to this child? Disgusting. I don’t know how these dirty people continue to get away with the way they walk all over black women.

  3. So we’re supposed to believe Tyga is Father of the year when he dates an underaged attention whore and he’s knee deep in debt? And what about his flop rap career?

  4. How the hell Tyga a full-time Dad when everytime we see him he’s out and about with her stupid, lost puppy a-s trailing behind him? Chyna is the full time parent in that child’s life, and Kylie doesn’t like the competition from either her or the baby.

  5. Now if Chyna and her lawyer file for primary custody on grounds Tyga is a statutory rapist she will be wrong though. All things considered Tyga could lose custody over him messing with a minor the fact that Chyna has not taken him to court and made his life a living hell shows you what kind of a person she is and she keeps getting slandered smh.

  6. I’m getting really tired of them lying on Chyna. If he wants to date someone half his age who isn’t even 18 yet, that’s on him. But don’t try to drag Chyna down to your very low level. Stop lying on her. It doesn’t make you look any better Tyga.

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