Update on RHOA Season 8 Casting

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

The other day TMZ reported Claudia Jordan was fired from “Real Housewives of Atlanta” but it’s possible she will still get to make a few guest appearances in season eight, and weeks ago sources claimed the only people who got offers to return as fulltime housewives were NeNe Leakes, Cynthia Bailey and Kenya Moore.

But now sources claim Phaedra Parks will return as well.

Straight From the A writes:

Anywhoo, for those of you wondering about who’s coming BACK for season 8 of course you already know Ms. Leakes is number one on the list.

Others who are rumored to have secured their contracts for next season include Kandi Burruss (who even has a few more spin-offs in the works), Cynthia Bailey (I guess that Peter Thomas drama never disappoints), and Phaedra Parks, who was reportedly spotted taping with a few RHOA hopefuls last week.

While I’m rooting for Kenya Moore to pack her bags along with Claudia, I think she’ll be returning as well. So far, Kenya hasn’t been able to agree on her contract, so as of right now… she doesn’t have one.


There is still no word yet on Porsha Williams’ future on the show.


    1. Y’all look absolutely silly calling Phaedra a fraud when Kenya has been caught in at least ten lies since her first season. Just stop.

  1. They don’t need to bring Kenya back. All she does is fake her storylines. They need to bring some real women on board.

  2. I knew Phaedra was coming back only people who should have been questionable was Claudia, Cynthia, Kenya the no storyline sisters. Kenya stayed because she fills the role of the delusional liar who has 0 credibility and everything she says will be questioned. Cynthia is still there because of her and Peter messy ways and she is a irritant of Nene plus Peter getting busted gave her a storyline for next year. Claudia should be gone but they will probably easy her out the door with friend role and Porsha should get her peach right back.

  3. So basically they are keeping everyone who has an established fan base. Smart. So I’m sure Posha will be back in a friend role too.

  4. Porsha had more screen time and storyline than 3 of the peach holders. If the producers don’t make her full time they really aren’t listeNing to the viewers. The ratings are already at an all time low, so they better take heed.

  5. How is Phaedra still on the show when she has yet to let anyone see the real her? Bravo really does do whatver Team Fug wants. Smdh.

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