Chris Brown’s Baby Mama Gets Messy on Father’s Day?

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Chris Brown’s baby mama Nia has made it clear multiple times on social media that she feels her boyfriend is a better father figure for Royalty, and it appears she didn’t even let the R&B singer enjoy his first Father’s Day without throwing more shade.

Hollywood Life writes:

Father’s Day is about love and appreciation for dads, but to some, blood isn’t as thick as water. Nia Guzman, 31, posted a touching Father’s Day tribute to her boyfriend King Ba about him being a wonderful dad and family man. Given that he’s treated Chris Brown’s daughter Royalty, 1, as his own, could she have been dissing Chris, 25, in the process? See her message here!

“What’s understood doesn’t have to be explained…. You’ve been down since day one… When I lack the patience for the kids… You come right in and soothe and simmer me down! You’ve always put family first and the kids before yourself … I love you for life!” Nia wrote on Instagram, which she later ended up deleting.

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Nia had no words for Chris on his first Father’s Day.


  1. But when Young Jezzy posted that he was getting ready to hit up Royalty’s b’day party, Nia posted some wack a-s emoji. I swear that b-tch is weak as f-ck.

  2. I don’t understand why she’s so salty. Didn’t she want to trap Chris for 18 years and collect those checks? I thought that was her plan from day one. She got what she wanted and she’s still not happy.

  3. She’s trying her hardest to make up to her man for getting pregnant by Chris while they were together. Tragic.

  4. This trifling bum b-tch has a lot of nerve dumb broad didn’t even know who her baby daddy was. Chris is a piece of ish but one thing you can’t say is he don’t love that little girl and at least he is trying be in the baby life and she just keep spitting in his face. Oh and she just shaded him for throwing Royalty a birthday party smh who does that shading a father doing something nice for their child. I swear it’s only a matter of time before Chris goes off I’m surprised he hasn’t went off yet. But when he does he won’t be wrong because she deserves to be dragged she is so trifling.

  5. She’s such a bird. She’s mad at Chris but to be real about it she’s the one who was such an immature adult she had no idea who Royalty’s father was for damn near a year. Three dudes were potentials. That says a lot about her. She needs to shade herself.

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