Future’s Baby Mama Throws in the Towel?

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Future wasted no time in going back to his baby mama Brittni Mealy after Ciara went public with her relationship with NFL star Russell Wilson, and although Brittni has been happy to be back in the rapper’s life on a romantic level, the happy moment was short-lived since multiple women have made claims of sleeping with the rapper recently.

Interestingly enough, Brittni appears to be throwing in the towel.

Brittni posted the following on Instagram (now deleted) and Twitter:

brittni ends it

brittni twitter


  1. This bird has a cycle. She takes him back time and time again, and it’s just expected at this point that she will be riding his d-ck again in a month or so. Especially when she sees him entertaining some other dodo bird. She ain’t done with him and never will be.

  2. I just find all of this to be perfect karma. Brittni used to drag Ciara all the time on Twitter and now look at where she is and where Ciara is.

    1. Yep! Not even a Ciara fan but deserved so much better in life than Future. Now she’s prospering with her new boo, while Brittni stay getting clowned by this man hoe!

    2. True. But Ciara was in denial herself for a little while. Y’all remember that tragic open letter she wrote when she was calling all his other baby mamas her family? I think an intervention was called not too long after that.

  3. She ain’t never leaving Future alone. And that is why she will never have a decent relationship. He sees her as a emergency bed only.

  4. That girl ain’t going nowhere. She’s the one baby mama of his who just refuses to really walk away and he knows it.

  5. This is why fathers have to do their jobs and raise their daughters to have more self esteem than this. Why has it taken her so long to understand Future will not be with just her? He enjoys sleeping around and will even pay for escorts. He’s disgusting.

  6. Girl bye she just trying to save face but she still looks like a damn fool. It ain’t like she chose to move on she had no choice because she was getting harassed by Future groupies everyday. Every time she put up a picture of her and Future them groupies brought her dumb a-s back to reality. She deserves to be clowned trying to throw shade at Ciara like she won by parading Future like he is prize and in the end she is the one with egg on her face bhahahahaha karma.

    1. She’s always been the on call p-ssy and that’s her own fault. And she doesn’t mean any of this either. she just thinks doing this will make him get his act together but he doesn’t give a damn about her or any of these chicks.

  7. lol, Manipulation fail!!!!!! .com In her brain she thinks he love her and he know that cheating is hurting her emotionally and if she post she is moving on in front of the world he would somehow come crawling back with apologies and broken promises because his door mat found magical strength? yet he is a famous rapper. SMH- What a complete waste of mind.

    lol, If he didn’t do it with Ciara then you definitely don’t have a chance

    1. All of this. She’s trying to manipulate him but the problem is he really doesn’t care. He can find 5 more girls to take her place on Instagram each day. Instagram has made it really easy for rappers and athletes to be sluts.

  8. When a man shows you he’s a hoe, just move the hell on. All the dramatic tweets and Instagram posts are pointless. Nine times out of ten, it won’t hurt his feelings.

  9. Now she knows she needs more people. Everyone in the baby mama circle knows she is the most naive and will not leave Future alone.

  10. I still don’t understand how Future has women wrapped around his finger like this. He ain’t even all that cute and his little rapping career ain’t all that either.

  11. Honestly, I don’t know why these women think that these men are going to be faithful. There is so much cookie thrown/given to these men and they don’t have to work hard for it. They can just have whomever and whenever. The women don’t get nothing from it but IG pictures. What a waist of energy on their part.

  12. I’m not sure why people are trying to praise Ciara because she was foolish enough to let Future knock her up before he proposed, and even after he cheated on her while they were engaged, she did give him another chance. She only smartened up because she had no choice and had to do it for the little bit of a career she does have.

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