Porsha Williams to Get Her Peach Back?

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Porsha Williams lost her peach in season seven of “Real Housewives of Atlanta” and was made a friend of the housewives, but fans of the show thought the demotion was pointless since Porsha got so much screen time.

Porsha was optimistic about getting her peach back when asked if she thought she had a chance of going back to full time status in season eight earlier this year, and now sources seem to think it’s highly likely.

The AJC writes:

I checked with a good source who believes the TMZ story that Claudia is gone after one season. The source said RHOA producers are seeking at least one new cast member and is testing folks out (including perhaps a former “Facts of Life” actress?). The source also thinks Porsha Williams will be reinstated to full-time status after the producers bumped her down to “recurring” last year. She joined the show season five.

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    1. She does? I thought most of us just found her to be a ratchet bird who can supply a few laughs at her own expense.

        1. Kenya and Cynthia are classy. But it’s hard for Team Fug stans to realize real class when they see it though right?

          1. Self read how? Kenya and Cynthia have more class in their pinkies than Team Fug ever will.

        2. I wouldn’t call her classy either. Ratchet is under the classless umbrella but ratchet she is not. When I think of RHOA and ratchet, I think of NeNe, Marlo, and Kim

      1. I wouldn’t say all that about Porsha. She has a fan base. What you see is what you get. Her fans have accepted her corky flaws and find her funny.

    1. Even you don’t really believe that. Y’all have got to get over Porsha dragging Kenya on the floor at the reunion a season ago. This kind of anger ain’t healthy. LOL.

  1. Good she should have never had it taken away now watch the hate begin from Kenya’s minions lol.

    1. For real though. Porsha had more screen time than any friend of the show ever did, and she got paid. Claudia had a peach and didn’t get a dime. Poor tink,tink!

  2. Porsha doesn’t need a peach. She can be like Marlo and work for free since she really brings nothing to the show. I think she only has supporters because she assaulted Kenya. Kenya’s haters are so sick.

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