Mehgan James Talks Beef with Draya & Praises K Michelle for Checking Her

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

“Bad Girls Club” star and “Basketball Wives LA” newbie Mehgan James is currently at odds with Draya because she feels Draya has been way too disrespectful each time they have been face to face, and rumor has it Draya won’t be able to handle the clapbacks Mehgan sends her way in the upcoming season.

When asked about her current feud with Draya, Mehgan tells the Hip Hop Socialite she thinks Draya’s real issue is she’s threatened:

“I just think she didn’t like me because she doesn’t like competition.”

Mehgan then praises K Michelle for having the courage to check Draya during their awkward “BET Post Show” appearance together:

“Yasss K. Michelle!! She [K. Michelle] doesn’t [bite her tongue], and I love that about her. I really appreciate authenticity – there’s not a lot of that in Hollywood at all, and I love real people. And I feel like K. Michelle was all the way right for putting Draya in her place, and I would’ve done the same thing. I just feel like Draya always attacks other women’s looks and their weight, ’cause you know this season, Draya calls me fat. And I feel like she has a lot of insecurities within herself because you should never have to cut down someone else to make you feel better about yourself.”


  1. But wait, she always talked down to folks on BGC, so what makes her different to Draya? Both they a-ses need checking! And those hands she always speaking about was to take down two girls when their backs were turned. Neither she nor Draya is doing it for me at all this season, frankly.

  2. I like Mehgan but this is karma for when she embarrassed that girl at the pool and told her she had “booty do” in front of everyone. That girl wasn’t doing anything to her. So if she can dish it, she can take it.

  3. UGH! i cannot stand Mehgan she is clearly trying to come on the show to get fame, girl you WACK and you was WACK on bad girls club..#TeamDraya #PrettyGirlsOnly

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