Court Bound: Chris Brown Has Had Enough of His Baby Mama

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

We told you Chris Brown’s baby mama Nia Guzman has been popping off about the singer on social media and suggesting her boyfriend is a better provider for Royalty, and Chris has remained pretty silent despite all the messiness.

However, he’s finally had enough and he’s filed paperwork with the court to establish paternity and shut down Nia’s request for $15,000 a month for child support.

TMZ writes:

Chris and Nia have been at war over 1-year-old Royalty. She’s demanding $15k a month in child support, way more than Chris says is fair.

We’ve learned Chris just filed legal docs in Houston to establish paternity. That will give him the right to fight Nia over support and custody.

Chis has been paying Nia what he believes is a fair amount — she claims he’s been paying $2,500 a month. He wants a judge to set the figure, which he’s confident will be closer to his number than hers.

Chris also wants a judge to establish clear custody guidelines. He says Nia has been denying him the right to see his daughter, so he wants a judge to set her straight.


    1. Her and her boyfriend thought they would get a payday out of this but they forgot what state they live in. Chris Bosh anyone?

  1. I knew it was coming I knew it. Surprisingly Chris has handled this well let her talk ish and taking appropriate legal action. She better get ready because he has a great chance of paying the minimum of child support in Texas.

  2. She thought this baby would secure her fortune. Girl bye. Her and her dusty boyfriend need to have a stadium of seats.

  3. Well, good luck with that hun! He’s got enough money to grease the palms of the judge so I don’t see this ending well….

  4. Texas will keep it at around $3,000 a month just like they did Chris Bosh and his baby mama. They do not believe in women getting extravagant child support payments in Texas. Please believe a lot of dudes were paying attention to the Chris Bosh case and will know what to do.

  5. $2500 a month, and you live in Houston! Hunti chile, in Houston that is more than enough. If she budgeted correctly, she can pay her apartment, pay for daycare, have a little car note and still have a little change left over or she could take the $2500 and get a job and have a decent amount at the end of the month. She is real stupid. No wonder the boyfriend is sticking around claiming another man’s baby. If this baby had been regular ole jaquan’s baby he would not be with her especially when he knows she Blatantly cheated on him.

    1. What an idiot. If Chris Brown thinks a judge is going to only order him to pay close to 2,500 a month in support, he really is as stupid as he looks. They why you don’t have babies with the “jump off”. These hoes ain’t loyal. Shout out to all the gold diggers. Get it any way you can. I feel sorry for the baby. When she grows up she’s gonna look at this mess and cry her eyes out.

      1. You need to google Chris Bosh child support case. Chris certainly can get a judge to keep the payments around $3000. Chris Bosh makes way more money than Chris, and he was able to get payments stagnated at $2500 in the state of Texas. Texas and Georgia are pro father and anti lavish child support states. Go ahead. Look it up. Then you won’t feel the need to call people an idiot on here.

        1. Pro-father has nothing to do with. 15% of his income has everything to do with. Why do you think Steve Harvey all of a sudden after 13 years he started fighting for his son, who by the was living in Texas. Child support went up to 16,000 a month when he started hosting Family Feud. 15% is 15%.

          1. You’re still not understanding this. Steve Harvey was MARRIED. When you were married to someone, you will pay more in child support and you have to give up ASSETS because the spouse was used to a certain lifestyle they lived while married. Chris Bosh and Chris Brown were never married to their baby mamas, so in the state of Texas, they don’t have to pay extravagant payments. The judge expects these single mothers to get a job and hold their own weight. Again, research the Chris Bosh case. Ludacris as well. Baby mamas don’t get the same handouts as wives. Especially not in Texas and Georgia. Chris Bosh pays $2700 a month in child support and he makes more money than Chris Brown. Keep in mind $2700 a month is not 15% of his income. And that’s why Bosh’s bm tried to get the case out of Texas. Nia won’t stand a chance. Anyway, I will bookmark this, so I can see your response when the judge sides with Chris in the state of Texas. Have a good day.

          2. Not that I have a lot of time but….I live in Fort worth Texas, I have a support order here in Texas. My ex is a Funds Manager. He earns 130,000 a year. The support order for my son is 750 a week. His company deposits a check for 1500 into my account every 2 weeks. I guess the judge didn’t know we’re living in a pro-father state. And that was without a lawyer. Oh I guess I didn’t need a lawyer because I work for legal aid office for the state of Texas. Anyway. …let me get back to work before I end up with no job.
            Chris Brown really needs to have a solid visitation order just in case she tries something in the future. That is the most important thing.

          3. Like I said, I’ll be back when the judge rules in Chris’ favor in Texas.

          4. Sh-t Missy does your baby daddy have a single brother in the same tax bracket?

          5. Yeah…..He has a brother living in California who is paying up the a-s for his 2 kids.

    2. It is enough but she wants her and her boyfriend to be able to live off the child support payments. Chris is being smart by just taking her to court. Like other celebs, the judge will most likely side with him. She doesn’t need that much money in Texas.

  6. Anonymous, you are so correct. Texas do not believe in the lavish lifestyles for baby mamas. They are expected to be 50/50 with the cost of the child. Nia will not get the 15k and Chris will win in this case. I live in Texas and believe me she is going to be dissappointed or should I say her boo thang gone be dissappointed. He is going to have to get a job. BTW @Missy it is not always 15% of a persons income and if you are married, there are years invested within a marriage as so as a spouse,therefore you are entitled to 1/2 being that there was no prenup.

    The issue is not her being a jump off because I am sure a lot of people have had 1 night stands or layed with someone they thought they should not have. She is just being an extortionist now.

    1. She’s only rooting for Nia because she wishes it could have been her. What she still doesn’t understand is famous men get favoritism from the courts now. And nowadays, celebs are no longer getting drained by child support payments. Especially not in TX and GA. Even Sherri Shepherd only forks over a few thousands a month in child support and she’s a multimillionaire. Her ex husband is mad because he asked for like $12,000 a month. The courts have gotten hip to the scams these mothers are running. The days of living off child support payments are over. Nia will not win. I will def be back on here when the judge rules in Chris’ favor. *bookmarks*

      1. I’m not stupid enough to be Nia. And I would never want to be someone portray themselves to be gold diggers and I’m sure she’ll be trying to get a reality show next. And Sherrie Shepherd income is based off of what she makes now not what she made on the View.
        I currently have an open support case in the state of Texas. I gave my point of view based on my case and some of the cases I have to process every day at work.

        1. Sherri gets 1.5 million a year from the View. This doesn’t include her movies and broadway salary. And she only pays $4000 a month in child support. That’s $1000 more than your ex pays and he makes $130,000 a year. Do I need to even get into Chris Bosh’s situation? How are you still not getting this sis? You refuse to accept that all it takes is a good lawyer to get out of paying lavish child supports. When you’re a celeb, you don’t have to fall for the income bs.

          1. She was fired from the View in January and she is currently not on Broadway. She is only making appearances on Soul Man and one other show. I’m sure she is not taking work until this support mess is done. They can’t base and order on what she has in the bank. They base it on current paychecks. She’s no dummy. Lol

          2. Weren’t you the one who brought up the View first? So now that the numbers weren’t in your favor, it doesn’t count now. You’re so transparent. Anyway, explain how Chris Bosh only pays $2700 a month in child support payments. I’ll wait.

          3. I actually brought up the View first, so my apologies on that. But I still want you to explain to me how Chris Bosh only pays $2700 a month in child support payments.

    2. My support order is very clear cut. Marriage has nothing to do with my current order of 3000 a month. it was based solely off of both of our incomes. No lawyers, just check stubs and w-2’s. I have no love for “jump-offs”, cheating spouses, or men with secret babies. This is a hard session for young people. One night stands are not cool, children who wake up every day without their dad’s at the breakfast table is not cool, kids being used as the “come-up” isn’t cool, and to keep saying “well. ..ish happens is absolutely crazy. Chris Brown really needs to clean it up a little so the baby could spend half of the year with her dad because long after the money is spent she is going to need ALL the love in the world.

      1. LOL but does it not occur to you that Chris Bosh makes way more than your ex and he pays less in CS? Think about that. Sherri Shepherd pays just a little more than your ex and makes more money. If your ex had a good lawyer like most celebs, he could pay half that in Texas. It’s really not a hard concept for you to grasp. Celebs know how to get out of lavish child support payments. Especially in pro father states. Make sense yet?

      2. I too have a child support order. When you don’t have lawyers, you deal with the Attorney General, mediate, etc. It’s a process. When you have lawyers, the battle is on and you go directly to Family Court. You bypass the Attorney General. My court order is in texas as well. I was married and the SOB left. I stood on my own two feet whether I received a penny or not from him and kept it moving. I raised 4 sons who are not on drugs, not in jail etc. Of course I could have used the money but the money was not going to give them the love and support that I had to give. You don’t have to be for 1 night stands and if you were to ask anyone, I am sure they would say that it is not the best decision but it happens. #Imjustnotjudgingandstatingtherealityofmany.

      3. You only get that much because your ex wasn’t smart enough to get a good lawyer. If he ever gets married, please believe he will take you back to court and pay much less. Once men find out they can pay less in child support, they usually go back to court.

        1. Oh….don’t get me wrong, he’s not paying willingly. He was never paying support willingly. I took him to court. And he did get married six years ago but he has no other children.

          1. That’s nice but I’m pretty sure Chris will be just fine. He won’t have to pay $15k a month, just like Chris Bosh didn’t. There’s a reason why Chris Bosh, Usher, D Wade, Ludacris and others are hiring the same attorneys for child custody and child support cases. Chris knows what he needs to do and that’s why he filed the paperwork. When you have money, it’s a different ballgame.

        2. I wouldn’t say smart enough. More like her ex isn’t famous or rich enough to get a good lawyer. LOL.

  7. I see some people have been living under a rock. Judges can be paid off. Chris won’t even pay half of what Nia wants. The judges are so corrupt for these celebs that some of them were being investigated in GA a while back after the whole Usher and Tameka thing. D Wade did something similar. Nia tried to con Chris but his lawyer will show her who’s the dirtiest. Bet on it!

    1. Exactly. Chris will win because he has the money to get the judge on his side. Usher did it. D Wade did it. Chris Bosh did it. Ludacris just did it. A regular dude doesn’t have that kind of pull.

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