Meek Mill Explains Why He Doesn’t Listen to J. Cole & Kendrick Lamar

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Meek Mill is probably celebrating first week sales projections of 200,000 copies, but that hasn’t stopped the rapper from doing his promo tour.

The other day he hit up Power 105 to promote the release of “Dreams Worth More Than Money,” and he actually opened up about just why he doesn’t listen to J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar.

Meek tells Angie Martinez:

“I don’t listen to J. Cole and I don’t listen to Kendrick. I think that they’re dope lyricists and they’re like great rappers, but they don’t inspire me. It don’t seem like they be talking to me.

“That ain’t no hate at all

“I don’t be liking the music that be out, though. I won’t ever play it in my car.”



Meek then says he enjoys listening to Dej Loaf, Future and Jay Z.


  1. People like what they like. Not everybody likes conscious rap music. Some people just like to feel good and dance. You get that with the artist he did say he listens to.

    1. True. When I am in a good mood or feeling like a hustler, I go for Jay Z and Kanye. Their music makes me feel so good. I wish Kanye would go back to making feel good music.

  2. Don’t this screaming a-s n-gga rap about trapping and sh-t like that? Of course Kendrick and J Cole don’t speak to him. And I don’t think they are trying to.

    1. It’s solid if you can get past his screaming. It’s his most commercial and cohesive album to date.

  3. Hell I don’t listen to them either. I tried to give both a chance but they are kind of boring to me. I love Meek though.

  4. Well maybe he should start listening to them he might learn something expand his mind out of that hood mentality. Future music is wack and I know a lot of people like Dej Loaf but she does nothing for me she sounds the same on every song but I do like her style though.

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