Dwyane Wade Sets a LeBron James Fan Straight

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Dwyane Wade had some folks thinking he would make his way to the Cleveland Cavaliers since the Miami Heat weren’t sold on giving him a max contract, but the athlete was able to find common ground with the front office and he agreed to a $20 million contract for one season.

Even though the news is great for Heat fans, some seem to think D Wade may be a shell of his former self thanks to a knee injury and he is 33 years old, but he’s determined now more than ever to prove the naysayers wrong.

So when a LeBron James fan tried it, he clapped back with the following:

d wade twitter


  1. That was a dumb thing to tweet since LeBron is the one who had to leave Cleveland to even get a championship and where did he go? LMBO. LeBron is great but he’s human and needs help to win like everyone else. His fans think he’s superman and it’s annoying.

    1. Not all of us. I wasn’t expecting the Cavs to beat GS because LeBron had no real help with Kyrie and Love out.

      1. They would have lost regardless. Love doesn’t play defense and Irving can’t score enough when GS shoots threes in their sleep. The real Warriors didn’t even show up until game 4.

  2. So he can do makeup, dress, and read a bish for filth on Twitter? LMAOOOOO go head Mr. Wade!!!!! I think I may have to start crushing on him!!!!!

  3. I don’t understand why celebrities do Q&A’s on Twitter. Trolls are just waiting to pounce.

  4. Dwyane is one of the best shooting guards and will be in the hall of fame one day the person was definitely trolling him but they weren’t lying. Wade ain’t played a full season in almost 3 or 4 years in Miami LBJ was carrying him his best days are behind him. Only reason why he was productive in the playoffs was because he missed so many regular season games it’s not his fault his knees are messed up it was a good comeback but LBJ was definitely carrying him he won’t admit I wouldn’t admit either but its the truth.

  5. Everyone needs to be carried to win. It takes teamwork. Even LeBron can’t win a ring on his own. Did we not just see that? So I won’t say too much about D Wade. He’s a good player and responded the best way he could I guess. But let’s talk about Steph Curry being carried all through the finals. I’m schleep…

  6. Sometimes I really feel like LeBron is overrated. He has lost a lot of 4 finals, yet people want to say he’s better than Jordan. Smh

  7. He usually ignores trolls but I think this really got under his skin. It’s hard to hear people give your bestie the credit for your success. He’s in his 30s, so he’s not going to play as well as he did. But part of me hopes he comes back hard next season and shows everybody he still has some left in the tank. I don’t like his personal life decisions, but I respect him as a player.

  8. But yet gabby ignores his 3rd child. Not his nephew but his uhm break baby. Clap back at gabby dwade.

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