Tyrese Goes Too Far?

Photo Credit: Facebook
Photo Credit: Facebook

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Tyrese has made it clear on multiple occasions that he’s passionate about the decline of R&B music, and he was hoping his latest studio album would be a fixer in a time when R&B singers are neglecting their roots in order to top the charts.

Now that his final studio album is out, he’s in full promo mode.

However, some of his followers think he may have went a little too far when he made a video of a homeless woman who appears to be sleeping and compared her sleeping to R&B music being dead:


While many of Tyrese’s followers were offended, some took to the comment section to make it clear they think the video is hilarious.

What are your thoughts?


Spotted at Talk Your Ish Blog


  1. im sorry but yall know that shti was funny as h311….lol my blk elder having to sleep there isnt funny but …rese got jokes im sry lol

  2. I hope no one was expecting him to have good judgment. Have you not seen his previous videos?

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