Cops Now Link Chris Brown’s Friends to Robbery

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

R&B singer Chris Brown’s house was the target of a robbery recently, and cops suspected a promoter was the mastermind. However, Chris’ mom believes the singer’s friends are to blame for the crime, and now it appears cops may as well.

TMZ writes:

Law enforcement sources as well as sources connected with Chris tell us, they believe the 4 guys who broke into his home Wednesday morning were not just casual friends … they were tight with him.

As we reported, cops believe a club promoter was also involved … someone who knew Chris just got $50k in cash for an appearance and that the money was in his home safe.

And there’s more. We’ve learned cops believe the Bloods may be involved as well. In fact, we’re told a member of LAPD’s Gang Unit was assigned the case.

And finally, we’re told people in Chris’ camp have already had “the talk” with him … to 86 several members of his crew “immediately.”


    1. Nope. And it’s not like his mom never warned him. Anyone with commons sense saw a long time ago his friends are shady. They use him and they will abandon him once the money dries up.

    1. And it makes you wonder how much he cares about Royalty because it’s not safe at all for her to be around those dudes.

  1. Ain’t Chris a blood himself though? This is why his whole life is a mess. He could have been so much bigger and successful but his want to be hood ruined everything.

  2. Chris is so stupid he wont get rid of these losers he wants yes men around him at any cost really sad and pathetic.

  3. So Chris is literally taking care of most of those bums financially and they still rob him? The audacity.

  4. Chris is so dumb. He’s like the only celeb out here rolling with gang members like it’s the cool thing to do. Nothing good ever comes from it. He will be broke in about 5 years.

  5. This is probably damage control but I won’t believe Chris is cutting anyone off until I see it with my own eyes. He’s always known his crew is trash but he keeps them around because he can’t stand not having a whole bunch of people around him 24/7.

  6. Well his momma was right. It’s time for Chris to grow up and get his ish together. He’s a father now and he needs to start making better decisions.

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