Ice Cube Talks Rappers Using Ghostwriters Amid Drake & Meek Mill Beef

Photo Credit: YouTube
Photo Credit: YouTube

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

While Drake and Meek Mill continue to go back and forth as a result of Meek accusing Drake of not writing his own raps, living legends are giving their opinions on the subject and what they deem makes an artist a true emcee.

Ice Cube tells MTV:

“Ghostwriting is a part of music. It’s been a part of music since music has been able to be recorded and probably before that.

“As far as a purist in Hip Hop? I’m not a fan of it. I respect rappers more when they write their own lyrics. But as far as making a song, anybody can put a song together. It don’t matter how it comes together. All that matters is what’s coming out the speaker. So, as far as making music and making records, it don’t matter who writes it. As far as emceeing and being a rapper, you should write your own stuff.”

Check out the video below:


  1. I agree with him. There’s a different between being a rapper and an emcee. An emcee writes their own verses. Drake makes hits but he’s not a true emcee but we already knew that before Meek tweeted anything.

  2. Who said Drake was an emcee though besides his delusional stans? I enjoy his little popcorn music but he ain’t up there with the greats at all.

  3. This is what people were saying when they said Drake won the popularity contest but loses the legacy battle. People don’t associate rappers who use writers with greatness. They just don’t.

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