Draya Speaks on Recent Restraining Order Drama & Current Relationship Status

Photo Credit: YouTube
Photo Credit: YouTube

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Weeks ago it was reported Draya and Orlando’s engagement had ended not even a month after the proposal. And not too long after that, it was then reported Orlando had filed a restraining order against his former fiancée.

In a new interview with Big Boy, Draya says that they are now on better terms, but they are taking things day by day.

“We’re in a good place. It was an off thing, so we’re trying to get back on and we’re just playing it day by day to see what’s up.”

On the restraining order ordeal, she says:

“You know, I never got a restraining order. I never got served a restraining order. I just know that something was filed. But I guess in order to make it official, you gotta hold on to it, you gotta show up to court. You gotta serve it legally. I never got served. So I don’t know what that was about. Seems like mixed emotions to me.”

On if the wedding is still possible, she says:

“To be honest, if there’s not a wedding, there could possibly be a funeral.”

Draya also claims that the arguments get intense, but things never get physical:

“We don’t have domestic violence. It’s just that I’m a little destructive sometimes during an argument. I’m not destructive to him.”


Other tidbits:

– Draya claims this will be her last season of BBWLA
– She’s not opposed to a more positive spinoff show
– She’s currently taking voice acting classes


Check out the video below:


  1. She’s kind of boring in this interview. She has that Nene syndrome. Get a little shine and they start feeling themselves too much.

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