Russell Wilson Already Thinking About Proposing to Ciara?

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Russell Wilson and Ciara have only been publicly dating for a few months, but their romance has made headlines plenty because Ciara’s ex-fiance Future has been very vocal about it.

Future seems to think Russell is overstepping his boundaries when it comes to Baby Future, but Russell remains unbothered and he’s already thinking about marriage.

Vibe writes:

While the Internet (and Future) continue to express their sentiments over Ciara and Russell Wilson’s relationship, it seems the couple is bypassing public opinion. In a recent interview with radio host Dan Patrick, the Seattle Seahawks quarterback briefly discussed his courtship with the singer, and was probed about which ring would come first: another Super Bowl title or an engagement ring for Ci-Ci.

“I don’t know, hopefully both,” he replied, according to multiple reports.


  1. I love this. When men are ready to love fully & believe God has provided them with their true mate- the move to make an honest woman out of her. So happy for them!

  2. Lmao! They are such a publicity stunt couple. How people don’t see through this I’ll never understand!

  3. I really like them together but I think they need to be together a little while longer. I always say it’s so important to build a solid foundation in a relationship one thing I do like about them is they support each other they seem genuinely happy and I wish them the best.

  4. Real men don’t take forever to decide if you’re marriage material. But they should slow it down a little to make sure they know each other enough for marriage.

  5. Yasss Cici Girl you did that! Russel Wilson is a MAJOR UPGRADE! He’s handsome, spiritual, athletic, romantic and rich lol. Yassss! I love Cici&Russel as a couple. As long as he’s respecting her and her son, I’m all for it. She seems happy (but then again I don’t know her personally, so lemme assume lol). I wish them much love, success and happiness. I really want her to have her prince charming, she been through hell with “lil past”. F’ all ya’ll salty basic females who can’t congratulate a beautiful union. There’s nothing worst then a hater who can’t “accept and let it go”…..Anyway, I’m not a fan of cici music but I gotta give her credit when it’s due…she really chose a great guy to date and bring around her son….she really did a better job this time around.

    1. I agree!!! I love ❤ them together, and people are saying it’s too soon, I don’t think it’s too soon at all. First off when you’re truly ready God will put the right person in your life. You don’t have to wait so long to know if he or she is the one, secondly Russell is a true man of God. Their relationship is blessed b/c they are doing it Gods way! When you can have a relationship with someone for months without consummating it, and truly build and get to know one another that is beautiful. You are getting to know the real person without sex clouding your judgment. I believe they are both in a place in their life where they know what they want and are ready to move forward and have a family. I wish them the best.

    2. Lmao! People like you are going to be depressed when they break up. Stop living vicariously through someone else’s relationship. It’s pathetic.

      1. Lmaoooo so b/c I wish her well with her new relationship, that automatically by default makes me live vicariously through her relationship???lmao… you sound bitter and jealous as obviously don’t have what it takes to see someone happy and congratulate, you’d rather hate… it’s cool bitter Betty do you

  6. I think they are super cute together but I won’t pretend like I haven’t notice how many women get so defensive when you say something outside of how cute they are. It’s weird. Not everyone is going to think a few months in warrants a proposal. That doesn’t make them bitter. It’s really not that serious.

  7. I like him for her because he is proving to be a man. He’s spiritual and he seems to treat baby future like his own. Good luck to them

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