Tupac’s Brother Says Janet Jackson Asked Him to Take AIDS Test for ‘Poetic Justice’

Photo Credit: Facebook
Photo Credit: Facebook

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

It’s been rumored for years that late Hip Hop great Tupac Shakur didn’t quite get along with Janet Jackson while they filmed “Poetic Justice,” and his half-brother may be confirming it now.

In a recent interview with VLAD TV, he claims Janet wanted Tupac to take an AIDS test before she would kiss him and he felt it was unfair.

Mopreme Shakur says:

“It wasn’t a love scene, it was a kiss.”

He continues:

“The deal was Janet had previously shot a scene with Q-Tip. Q-Tip was in ‘Poetic Justice’ too. And she got sick, she got a cold or some sh*t. Not that it was Q-Tip’s fault but she got a cold.

“And it was coming up in the script time for Pac to kiss her. And they approached Pac with, ‘if it’s okay, we need you to take a test.’

“Pac was like, ‘get the f*ck out of here. Am I going to get to hit it? I get to hit it too? Cool! I’ll take the test right now if I get to hit it!’ And Pac was feeling some type of way. ‘Q-Tip just kissed her. And he didn’t take no f*cking test. Why I gotta take the damn AIDS test or whatever?'”


Check out the video below. The Janet talk starts right at the start of the interview.


  1. Tupac has talked about how Janet treated him in interviews before he passed. Her stans are saying it’s her first hubby who pushed her to do this but I don’t buy it.

    1. It’s hard to imagine anyone being able to tell Janet what to do but she wasn’t always the strong woman she is now.

    2. That’s just a dumb excuse. Janet even turned on Mike before he passed. She’s still a legend but she been shady.

  2. I’m surprised he actually confirmed this. It’s been a popular rumor for years. Well I still love Janet. She obviously felt some kind of way about Pac before she even met him because of his image. It happens.

    1. This was not a rumor. Tupac has said this multiple times in his interviews. He also said that they were cool on the set but as soon as they were finished filming, she changed her phone number immediately like within 24 hours of finishing.

      1. Umm you do know that not everyone was old enough to know that right? Some of us are young and didn’t know any of this.

        1. Is that a slick way of calling us old? LOL. Well I’m “old” and never knew he said it in interviews. You learn something new everyday I suppose.

          1. Oh no I didn’t mean to shade LOL! Just saying some of us were really young when all this happened and didn’t know because there were no blogs back then we could pull up today to read about it. I really think there’s a huge age gap for the readers on here.

  3. I never heard this rumor before. She really did this? Why? That was ignorant because you can’t even get AIDS from kissing/saliva.

  4. They def didn’t get along while they filmed but Janet came around later on I think. She had some nice things to day about him when he passed.

  5. I heard Janet was treating him some type of way…….LMAO @ 2pac talking about he will take the test if he’s smashing SMH….I miss his fine a$$ tho

  6. I never liked Janet because she always seemed like a fake b-tch to me. This just confirms she is. Her stans are annoying too. They are ruder than the damn Beyhive.

    1. They are rude and arrogant with their bitter old a-ses! They always talk about how Janet makes real music but she’s always been overrated to me! I’m not going to pay money to hear someone whisper!

        1. Really? That didn’t work before. I guess they must have changed something. I am going to try to do it and see if it works. Thanks.

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